Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love of the Female Form + Artfaggotry = Amazing Shit That Is Not Pron.

So despite the fact that I'm basically a dude (although my new sassy gay friend Matthew seems to think I'm seriously a lesbian) you guys are aware that I have my artfag moments and I am not afraid to share those moments. Especially not when it has to do with naked chicks. Here's some stuff I've found from around the web that I've really liked.

There is so much awesomeness in this picture there are no words for it. I mean, she's wearing Chucks. And knee high socks. And she's holding VINYL. AGAINST HER BOOBIES.

This genre of photo I really, really love. I believe its called "cheesecake", that era like the 40s and 50s when there was awesome pinup lingerie and the women were BUILT, instead of being these skinny little twigs you'd break in half. Even though you can't see anything but the bottom half of this girl, the picture is hawt anyway.

This one's more of the fetish nature, which is sometimes my thing, depending on the girl and what's going on, but this picture I found SUPER hot. I think it's the red and black contrast. And well, the heels and the pantyhose. Those will usually do it for me anyway.

This girl is so gorgeous naturally and I love the fact that she reminds me of a female emo Two Face.

Pussy. Is there anything more that needs to be said?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conversations With...

This is a segment of my blog where I talk about discussions I've had with other people. Or perhaps they're conversations I overheard, or conversations other people have told me they had. But basically, these are all going to be about shit I find interesting or thought provoking or funny in some way.

So a few weeks ago when Iron Man 2 came out, my boy Ian at skeptikdesign was going to see a double feature of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 the night of the release of the sequel. Here's an email thread between him and his boy Matt.

From Ian to Matt:

It was a clear black night a clear white moon
Matt and Ian were on the way to see Iron Man 2

Whats the plan buddy meet at your house? Mine? Time? What should I wear? Is there a really a difference between Coke and Pepsi? Who won the 1964 world series? Do you believe in Sasquatch (or the Alabama stink ape if you prefer)? Is it gay that I own a Miley Cyrus album?

Matt's reply to Ian:


Indeed - tonight will be a great night for us fanboys.  I'm glad you emailed.  Great questions - I'm glad you asked.  Below are my answers:

1.)  Lets meet up at my place around 7:30pm
2.)  I was thinking we pick up some cardboard, tin foil and red and gold spray paint, and we can create makeshift armored suits.  I can be Iron Man, and you can be War Machine.  Or we can just go casual.
3.)  There are a few differences between Coke and Pepsi.  My internet research has led me to the following: 
Pepsi uses blue color for branding and Coke uses red.
Pepsi is sweeter than coke.
The carbonization level is higher in Coke than Pepsi.
The branding techniques are used more by Pepsi Company than the Coke.
4.)  The St. Louis Cardinals were the 1964 World Series Champions
5.)  The Sasquatch and Alabama Skunk Ape seem to be 2 different phenomena.  Sasquatch was indeginous to the Pacific Northwest, and his activities seemed to heighten during the late 70's and early 80's.  I believe it is possible that he was out there cruising the woods.  It is my belief that he may have retired from his Sasquatchery, as there have been no sightings as of late. The Alabama Skunk Ape, however, is still on the loose.  He, however, seems to be on the move.  Sightings have occurred from Pike County Alabama, all the way to  Western Florida.
     It is my belief that the Alabama Skunk Ape and Sasquatch are 2 different beings.  Sasquatch is more humanoid than ape.  One could describe him as a "missing link".  The Alabama Skunk Ape looks to be an oversized Primate, and lacks the human characteristics of the Sasquatch.
     In summary, I think that Sasquatch did exist, and may have passed away.  The Alabama Skunk Ape seems to have picked up where the Sasquatch left off, and resides somewhere in the Southeast.
6.)  It is very gay. 

From Ian to Matt:

"One of the best e-mails I have gotten in a long time"
-Raves the Daily Planet

"I laughed, I cried, I lost 40 pounds"
-Says The Uzbekistanie Times

"I eating packing peanuts...tan your hide..zipper"
-Mumbled Some Homeless Guy

"Uproariously Entertaining"
-Declares Phylis My Secretary  

"See you at 7:30"
-Replied Ian Roche of Brutally Handsome Man Weekly

In closing I'd just like to say that while all of it was funny, one thing stands out to me. Okay, two. The first is the fact that Ian used The Daily Planet as a news source which = awesome. Two, Brutally Handsome Man Weekly???

Monday, May 24, 2010

Been Around the World (Part 4)

Just some pics documenting what the fuck I been up to. A friend of mine had a birthday theme party last week and the theme was "prom". Manz decided to go as Clark Gable. That shit was hilarious, he shaved all his facial hair and left his mustache, then shaved the middle of it and we darkened it. I decided to go as an emo kid. I had some thick ass black eye makeup, a black dress shirt, a skinny tie, black skinny jeans and I wore chucks. I couldn't see for shit most of the party 'cause my bangs were in the way. I never ever post pics of myself up on here but I thought I'd do it 'cause I always talk so much shit about emo kids. It's sad that I know enough of what they look like to dress like them. 

Juxtaposition fail. This was taken right outside the front door of my new job. I couldn't decide actually if it was a fail or a win. Is it supposed to be a before and after?

Manz has been obsessed with this shit we found at the bodega called Leninade. Some of the propaganda from the bottle:
"A taste worth standing in line for!"
"Beware the repressed communist party animal who is really a proletarian in denial masquerading as a bourgeois cold war monger!"
"Get Really Hammered & Sickled!"
"Drink, comrade, drink It's this or the gulag!"

Last but not least I had promised my boy Mundo that after the wedding we would get pizza for our "Dioracat is dropping movie knowledge on your ignorant asses" night. So, we got pizza, and he cancels because he had to work late and was tired. This was on a Wednesday. What does he do but that Friday texts me saying, "Pizza?" I said, "Dude no, what the fuck, we had pizza Wednesday! I can't have pizza two times in one week!" He says, "Yes you can, because pizza is infinite!" I had no idea what that meant , but I'm guessing it means you can have pizza every day if you want, forever and ever. Manz drew this for him for the next time he comes over...the best part is, Mundo is a math teacher which makes this extra funny.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Is Bootyful

Holy fucking shit, I think this is the longest that it's been since I haven't posted since the very beginning of this blog in like '06. After starting this new job at a labor union (which is fucking awesome by the way, I love it) shit has been crazy. My hours are flexible, but the range of time I can be working is a little nuts. Sometimes I work all week and the weekends, sometimes I just work during the week but its like 12 hours in a day a few days in a row.  Last week I had to get up at the unholy hour of 4 and I almost died. Or killed myself. Or something. 

That's the good news, the bad news is that my thesis got rejected THREE times and although I thought I was going to graduate this semester, I can't until it gets approved. So...I'm shooting for this summer. But fuck, that put a dent in my self esteem, boy, I tell you what. I thought that shit was fucking brilliant, but it turns out, my professor did not. *sigh* I admit I was being a little emo about it, because I figured, new job, wedding, graduation, it would all happen around the same time and I could just move onto the next phase of my life, but alas, it was not to be. But I finally picked myself back up and tried to think positive like Marcus always says.

What's shitty is that before at every other job I had, I always had the ability to be online like ALL the damned time, but now I spend most of my day running around and in meetings, so it cuts into the time I would spend writing my posts. *shakes fist at new workplace* So, Ever, thanks for waiting patiently, and Pago, sorry for being a lamer on away all the time. (Btw, Ever and iamnotstrange, you guys on gchat?) I'm thinking I really need a netbook (or an iPad but that shit ain't happening soon) so even if I am running around I can still write shit. 'Cause writing posts on my Bb Bold is HRD.

Anyway! So like is fairly bootyfull. I gotta start working on my thesis again here soon, but I got SO MUCH shit to write about here that I think I'm gonna take more of a break on my thesis and start posting here more often again. Meanwhile, chew on these Brazilian rump roasts.