Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Humpday Quasi Pron

I just realized I haven't really posted anything in about a week. Mostly because I was finishing my god damned thesis, and also because I've been sick since like Friday. So, to make myself feel better, (and because my boy Pago is also sad its only Wednesday) I thought I'd post some quasi pron. The chicks might not be naked, but its still pretty hot.

I don't even know what this chick looks like, but I think the photo itself is a combination of awesome and hot at the same time. I would eat those cookies right off her leg.

The bishes never understand why dudes think Scarlett Johannson is hot. I don't much care for blondes, but even when she's blonde she's still hot to me. She's just very well formed. She's got a fair amount of ass and tits, and such a beautiful face. Not to mention those DSLs.

If you don't think this picture is jizz in your pants worthy, there is something wrong with you. If I could be anything in this photo, it would be the left side of that sweater.

1 comment:

  1. Just the thing to get over this frickin hump day. And yes I'd totally kill to be any part of that sweater, esp the her left side.