Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conversations With...

This is a segment of my blog where I talk about discussions I've had with other people. Or perhaps they're conversations I overheard, or conversations other people have told me they had. But basically, these are all going to be about shit I find interesting or thought provoking or funny in some way.

Convo #1:
A few weeks ago my Samoan cousin Pago and I were talking about the fact that we don't really know many people who like the same music we do, especially when it pertains to real hip hop. Then we started talking shit about people who don't know anything about hip hop...And it went like this:
Pago: One of the reasons I never bring my ipod to the party. "Shon, you got any Chris Brown?" "Nah, sorry."
Sun: Do you throw up a little in your mouth when that happens? "Who's Eric B. & Rakim?"
Pago: More like wanting to knock them the fuck out. 
Sun: "What's Boogie Down Productions?"
Pago: "What is a KRS-ONE?" "Is that Kriss Kross' brother?"
Sun: "What does EPMD stand for?" "Oh you have Biggie! Can we play Hypnotize? Like a thousand times?" "2pac killed him after he made that one single right?"
Pago: "Can you play that Sega Genesis song by Biggie?"
Sun: I might have to hit someone that said that. "Why do you have African music in here Shon, I mean Talib Kweli?" "What language is that in?" "And who is this Mos Def guy?" "Oh he's that actor! He was in Next Day Delivery!"
Pago: "He's the guy from Italian Job" "The stuttering guy is a rapper?"

Convo #2:
This one was hi-larry-us because it was a totally random transition from subjects but it ended with complete comedy genius. It started out with me telling Pago about a conversation I was having with one of my minions at work, and how the minion was talking about how Bush was so gangster, and I was telling him that it was really Cheney pulling the strings. He kept insisting that was the case, and that he KNEW it was. And then it went like this:
Sun: I said, "Oh, and you know that 'cause someone TOLD you? Why don't you get some real academically verifiable information, you act like you know 'cause someone told you and maybe you saw that Oliver Stone movie...that's bullshit"
Sun: and he goes, "what about you, you're just saying what other people told you too, those aren't facts" and I was like "uhh PROFESSORS AND RESEARCHERS WHO STUDY POLITICAL SCIENCE" and he says "that's the same thing I'm doing but you're doing the opposite"
Pago: Who were you arguing with Tracy Jordan?
Sun: LMAO!
Pago: that's the same thing I'm doing but you're doing the opposite <- That right there is some Tracy Jordan if I ever heard it.
Sun: Dude, right, seriously
Pago: It was like the special olympics with you two.
Sun: LOL
Pago: You ever watched that Big Love or know anybody who has seen that show Big Love?
Sun: No and yes
Pago: What did they say?
Sun: They seem to like it
Pago: It looks interesting. Juggling 3 wives sounds like a chore.
Sun: I mean, I guess it's like super drama oriented and that's why its interesting, and yeah exactly, one bitch is ENOUGH
Pago: Then you add the fact that they each have kids. Ahh shit, you know there's gonna be tension.
Sun: Indeed
Pago: I'd feel sorry for manz if he ever brought the topic of polygamy up. "Nigga, you want what?"
Sun: ...
Pago: "I will beat the wonderbread outta yo ass before you even think of pullin that stunt on me."

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