Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WTB Venom Symbiote, plskthx

Now tell me that doesn't look fucking awesome.

Today my minions were killing me with their youngin'-ness. I know when I was in my teens I thought I knew everything, then I got to my twenties and realized I didn't at that time, but that I was pretty sure I knew what was up at that point. Right at this moment, I'm kinda convinced I was an idiot this whole time.

But if I may be hateful for a moment: currently I supervise 3 basically upper class sheltered white boys that are all 21/22 years of age. Today they were being ig'nint and acting like dummies and I really wanted to bring on the Venom Symbiote and bust out a psychic scream that would have made them all commit seppuku on the spot. And I totally would have filmed it for you guys, 'cause you know that would be awesome. Don't you ever say I don't love you guys. Seriously.

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  1. The fact that you thought about us makes my eyes wet.