Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Return of .5 of the Rock & Sock Connection

In case you were wondering, its just the Sock part. Anyway, those of you Daily Show watchers will already have seen this, but if you haven't seen this yet you really need to check it out. Jon Stewart had Wyatt Cenac and Mick Foley talk about how politics is just like professional wrestling. Now, I admit that at first I was like OMGNOWAI but then I was like OMGWTF. Check it!

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Doesn't it all totally make sense now? This explanation would make political shenanigans all okay for me if it wasn't for the fact that these people are kinda like, you know, running our country and all.


  1. We're studying satire in my english class and all we watch are Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart clips.

    Satire FTW!!!!!

  2. What the what! Where do you go to school??