Monday, March 1, 2010

I Love Salma Hayek, But Who Doesn't, Other Than Communists

Now I think ya'll know I'm normally an "ass man". However, I will never say no to a nice pair of breasts. They don't have to be big, just well shaped and perky. I think Salma Hayek's certainly fit that bill. Also, I had no idea what Campari was till this advertising campaign. Apparently its one of the "bitters" family of alcohol, similar to Jagermeister. Who knew?

God bless pushup bras. Seriously.


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  2. I will buy, watch, listen to, drink, or eat anything Salma tells me to. Aaaanndd, it's like that. May you also be blessed for posting these pics.

  3. Holy shit. I can barely breathe after witnessing that amazing display of beauty.

    Thank you and may Zeus bestow upon you a God-like child!

  4. Girl, compari and soda is a delicious cocktail. Lower alcohol and you have to LOVE blood orange.

  5. Ever, thank you. I think the awesomeness of me and manz combined will mean that any child of ours will have power levels of over 9000.

    Megan, I need to try that drink, you think they got it at the Whistle?