Thursday, March 25, 2010

End of the Week Pron: The Breasticle Edition

As promised, from around the interwebs!

Now, as much as I like the rump roast, I have to say that I can also appreciate a pair of full, nicely shaped, breasts from time to time. I found these intriguing.

I love how happy she is about concealing her nipples. Its like, "YAY NIPPLES!"

Time and again when I hear people talk like Asian girls can't have a rack, I gotta show them pictures like this. Because trust me, there are MANY Japanese girls who are more than a D.

I think if I could choose to have any type of breasts in the world, I'd choose either a Hungarian or Czech girl's tits. Just look at all the Euro pornstars there are from there and tell me they don't have the world's best shaped breasts. Seriously.

That right there is super sexy to me. Well, minus the belly ring. The belly ring says "Stupid sorority trashy stuck up bitch".

These are a very nice pair. I bet she's pretty, too. Or maybe she's horrendously ugly, hence the pose.

I liked this girl the best. The dark hair, the light eyes, that chest, the tan, all of it is awesome to me. If she had a bubble butt she'd be perfect.

Her tits look even better here, because you can really see the whole shape and fullness. They're like round soft hershey kisses.


  1. *drools*

    All hail the GOAT Blogger!

  2. Thank you, thank you. *bows*

    Strange, where you been hiding?