Saturday, February 6, 2010

Conversations With...

This is a segment of my blog where I talk about discussions I've had with other people. Or perhaps they're conversations I overheard, or conversations other people have told me they had. But basically, these are all going to be about shit I find interesting or thought provoking or funny in some way.

Convo #1:

This is a convo that my boy Ian had with a friend of his who's this crazy adventurer dude.
Michael: I'm going here tomorrow to break in and take pics
Ian: What the hell? I want my house to have missile silos, that is TRUE baller shit
Michael: Yea no shit, there are a lot for sale
Ian: Why are people selling this shit?
Michael: Who knows...that one looks fucking sick!
Ian: I wonder if the missiles come with the property or if you need to buy those yourself on the black market or something
Michael: They probably know some people with cold war era missiles or some shit
Ian: That would be rad, I'd totally buy a tank or two just for decor purposes - Move over Michigan militia there's a new crazy on the block! Oh, automatic weaponry? How cute, with the push of a button I could take out Cape Cod, but nice pea shooter though, really.

Personally, I think what makes this whole conversation is Ian's last comment. Comedy gold.

Convo #2:
The next one is a conversation I had with manz about a week ago or so:
Me: Does it mean I'm ethnocentric that I love people who have accents when I don't expect it? 'Cause there's this Indian man with a hardcore British accent on the Colbert Report right now, and I keep thinking how awesome it is. (Yes, I know that India was a British colony, but he sounded as if he were born and raised in England)
Him: I don't know, that's too big a word for me to know.
Me: You know what ethnocentric means!
Him: Sorry, I'm only doing 8 characters or less today. (This was hilarious enough to me, on it's own, but it got better.)
Me: Oh ok, hmm, lemme explain it: it just means that you think your own worldview and culture is what's "normal", and also you view others and other cultures through the perspective of our own.
Him: So basically it means American.

I love that man. What's funny because its so normal for me that Americans are ethnocentric that I didn't even think to cut that long explanation short and just say "You know, how Americans are." Which apparently, according to him, would also have been an acceptable choice for an explanation.


  1. "Him: So basically it means American"


  2. Ever, I like you. And I don't say that often. And I don't say this just because you seem to agree with me on a lot of things, either. (Well, maybe a little.)