Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been Around the World

And I, I, I, I!

So shit has been crazy busy for me in the last week, pretty much writing like 3-5 pages a night to get my thesis shit together. It's crazy. And the continuous wedding planning aka having anxiety about possibly forgetting something important. And my job is good because it's so crazy and I'm always busy, but at the same time I have less time to be angry and rant and rave on this here blog. However. I do have some random ish to share with ya'll that I seen lately.

This shit cracked me up. Manz and I were at the store and walking through the liquor section, and I saw this beer. I'm not sure if it's because I've worked in porn for too long, or what, but the name of this beer sounds like a movie about tossing the salad. Actually, I came up with like 4 different genres it could belong to. But that's neither here nor there.

I saw these the last time I was up in LA for school a couple weeks ago. I had the biggest eye roll ever, because honestly, this shit is not that creative. COME ON PEOPLE, THINK OF SOMETHING BETTER THAN ASS!

Ah, this is an epic story. So the South Park crew came over a few weeks ago to check out the new place, and we ended up playing Dirty Scrabble. Basically you use dirty words or you make up dirty words and you have to say the meaning of them. Megan was doing a great job of coming up with some great ones, like "VAGER", meaning someone who hits the VAG, knowwhati'msayinnnn? Manz and Cece teamed up for "WINNERD" which is basically describing the phenomena of a nerd getting laid. I of course, came up with "CUNT". Who's surprised?


  1. I'm still a youngin' so "assroom" still gets a chuckle out of me.

  2. Yeah, "assroom" is painfully unoriginal, but I still laughed. And the lady and I are SO gonna play dirty Scrabble in the near future. Thanks for the idea. Good job with "cunt," but that "yuderti" there is...classic.

  3. iamnot: I am proud to say that the "yuderti" was mine. *bows*

    *shakes head at Ever*

  4. *shrugs*

    I'll grow out of it.

  5. Can we talk about Frousting for a moment? The act of frontal jousting. So glad you're in the neighborhood!

  6. Megan, your answers on the dirty scrabble really were the best ones. I wasn't going to put it out there, but just between us, you know they were awesome.