Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, the month of January was indeed a rough one for me. There was so much craziness and bullshit going on that my mind was just completely overwhelmed with madness. (MADNESS?? THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAAAA!) (No, I couldn't help it.)

Anyhow, as I said, it was crazy. First off, I had to move out of my old apartment in Carlsbad. I was more than happy to move, during the time that manz and I had been there, a fuck ton of drunken stupid marines moved in, as well as a bunch of unsupervised children. And I think anyone that knows me knows quite well that I am NOT a fan of drunken idiots and stupid children. Manz had to calm me down from fits of murderous rage and prevent me from actually leaving the apartment and confronting some bitches and kids about to get it. Plus, the douche canoes at the management company at my complex had decided they were going to raise my rent. GTFOHWTBS, knowwhati'msayinnn? I ended up moving to the very nice area of North Park. It's about 5 mins away from downtown SD, and 5 mins away from the Q as well, so it's a much more happenin' place than sleepy ass Carlsbad, where they shut everything down at 9. (Yes, they really do.) The best part of this move really is that we get to be much closer to our people in what manz and I call the "South Park crew".

Later in the month, I was finally able to leave my job at RK. While I still do love the company itself, and it was a great company to work for, my actual boss was a micro managing, narcissistic, passive aggressive summamabitch. FOR REALSIES. That motherfucker drove me up a god damn wall most of the time, because one trait that really fucking annoys me is passive aggressiveness. I'm gonna tell you all right now, if you have something to say to me, just say it. If you're upset with me, just let me know so I can either apologize if I did something wrong, or you and I can figure out where the communication breakdown happened so it doesn't happen again. Honestly from my observation, women tend to be more passive aggressive rather than men, so this also led me to believe that my ex-boss was a homosexual biatch in the closet. And there's another pet peeve - there aren't a lot of things that annoy me more than people not being themselves. Anyway, I ended up with a new job, working part time for one of the content providers RK was working with, and it's been going really well. My new boss actually treats me like an adult, and doesn't give a fuck about how I do the work or when I show up or when I leave, as long as the work gets done. And you know? The difference in environment is so huge. My ex-boss' wife did nothing but sit on her ass or go to the gym, this bitch didn't even take care of her own kid. She doesn't work, but she has a nanny come by all day 3 times a week. I swear to God I cannot stand that kind of elitist rich people type bullshit. You don't even take care of your own kid? Your kid speaks and understands Spanish better than English? There's something wrong with that. But I digress. My new boss' wife cleans up the office, works there for half the day, and takes care of her own damn kids, and holy shit, she actually cooks them dinner! That's some crazy ass shit, amirite?

Something else that happened that made me very, very sad was that my preciousssss (aka my MacBookPro laptop) breathed its last breath in my arms before completely crashing on me. I recovered the data on my HD, but the thing is, I can only access it with another Mac. Fortunately for me, one of the South Park crew, my boy Ian, has an iMac so last week I was finally able to get all my shit that I had been missing. Shit is rough when you don't have your own computer, man! I've always had some sort of gaming computer and internet access at home for years now. Maybe like the last 12 years? So this was the first time in the last dozen years that I haven't had my own computer. In a way, it's been great, 'cause I've been reading a lot, catching up on a lot of comics, as well as a lot of books. I've also had the time to devote to all the other shit I needed to do like get the new apartment together.

Last but definitely not least, I've started my last semester of school. I just have 3 more months and I'll have my Masters. I'm really glad about it, but for some fucked up reason I also just feel like, fuck, I've been going to school consistently pretty much for the last 13 years, and although I'm so close to finally being done (although I do love school so much as well as loving my major so much I might someday get my PhD, but that's another story) it just seems like I'm running out of steam. I'm finding it really hard to be motivated. Stef thinks this is ridics, and I know it is, but I can't help it. I just have no motivation. Even more so after I found out how COT DAMNED CRAZY my last class is going to be. Buttons, save me!

Anyhow, that's all for now. I'm back, in mostly full effect.


  1. Glad to have you back. Hope school turns out all right.


    haha, all jokes aside, sounds like things are going "pretty, pretty, pretty good" © Larry David

  3. Thanks, Ever! Shit, I hope school turns out all right, better, or else I'm not graduating, and I don't think Southern Cali can handle the wrath of Dioracat when she's angry. YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!

    Teef, I guess things are going pretty good...but I'm generally resistant to change and this was a WHOLE LOT of change all at once so I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. I'm hoping this ride gets a little smoother this month!