Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, this last year had it's ups and downs, the downs being mostly health/family/work related, and the ups being making new friends (What up, South Park crew!) and almost new family (In laws in the house, what what). But I have to start learning to channel that positive energy Marcusspekt is always tombout and make 2010 as good of a year as possible. I'm hoping it will be. It'll start out with a move to a new location, closer to my peeps, I'll get my Master's in April, and get married in April too. The Dioracat is doin' big things in 2010! From what I know of my peeps 2k9 was an up and down year for ya'll as well, so I'm hoping that 2010 can be your year, too.

Straight women and gay men, stop reading now.

For the rest of you, here's a little eye candy to bring in the New Year right. For the video, let it buffer, it gets REALLY AWESOME around the 45 second mark.

*wipes drool off face*


  1. OMG it's youtube for pron. BTW, what a breezy sensation. Not that I'd ever have enough lipz to walk out of the house like that!

  2. Thats how things happen tho' that enegy just by getting out of bed and working and making a loose plan. Theres a higher energy out there that handles the rest if u have a little faith. That same energy brings the right and sometimes wrong people in your cypher for a reason.....Trust me I hit the ground running already in 2010....Good opportunities have already started opening up.......I stay positive, but dont get it fux'd up, I go thru my share of shit too. It's all in your outlook and how you handle it. You'll have a good year, watch!