Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*le sigh*

You know what's sad about this piece of art? That it's basically true. I think that's the worst part for me because I feel as if we (and by we I mean Americans) are so obsessed with multimedia and pop culture that we don't care about anything else. As I've said before, television is the opiate of the masses. It helps us not think of all the terrible things going on in other parts of the world. It keeps us distracted. And it works. To get away from the horrible environment of my workplace, I've been watching a lot of TV shows, mostly comedies, to keep me from being angry and wanting to do some sort of physical violence to my boss. But that's another story.

But I figure as long as there are people out there who use their brains to really think about things, and to be curious as to what's going on in the world away from their TV sets, then the human race can't be as doomed as I fear, right?

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