Friday, December 18, 2009


So this segment of my blog, which may or may not happen on Fridays, and may or may not happen weekly, is about the things I happen to be angry about that week. The things I'm angry about any given week, or day, for that matter, are numerous and sundry, as I'm sure any of you who either A: know me personally or B: have read this blog know quite well.

For today's Fuck Yo' Friday, I'm too angry about too many things to talk about in one post, but I thought I'd share a little bit of awesomeness that I heard this week.

In England, they have a show called X-Factor, which is basically their American Idol. Now, just like American Idol, when the person who wins X-Factor makes an album, it goes to #1 or to the top 10. Unfortunately, I think we all know that the people who win these types of shows are generally semi-talented, but lose whatever personality and charm they might have on their own when they become over-produced and over marketed generic pieces of shit.

A couple in England, Jon and Tracy Morter, have decided that this is bullshit and, because they're fans of Rage Against the Machine, have decided to launch a campaign keeping Jon McElderry, the recent winner of X-Factor off the charts for this Christmas. They've decided to try and make "Killing In the Name Of" #1 this Christmastime. I am so on board with this because I too am sick of the overproduced crap known as music these days, and also because "Killing In the Name Of" is my favorite RATM song. I tried to buy it to help out, but unfortunately there were issues in my itunes store going from US to UK.

Here's the Facebook group for the cause, if you're interested. And this is the recording done on BBC Radio with RATM themselves.

PS. I love that they cursed even though they were told not to.