Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horror Soul 2!

I think the only person who remembers my time on the music blog would be Dart Adams, but that's where Dart and I met. I was doing some posts over there on my thoughts on music and whatnot. During that time I didn't really post much here, till I realized (ironically because of Raven Mack) that I didn't have to post all kinds of long notes to the insurgency here, I could really just make this blog about whatever I wanted. Which is what it's become.

Anyhow, I was hit up this weekend because El Gran Queso at sent me an email about a project he's working on right now called Horror Soul. I'm not exactly sure why he thought THIS blog would be a good place to post it ('cause really, like how many people read this blog anyway...maybe 2 on the regular?) To use his phrasing: "it's a continuous mix of slowed down soul music (not quite screwed, and definitely not chopped)." It's some interesting ish, so check it out here:


  1. This bring back memories of the weird & varied posts on to the ones I now dread reading on Armchair Linebacker *Groan*


  2. I have to say I did like the weird and varied posts from Mike and Raven, but not so much from the other guys because they weren't as entertaining. But that's just me.

  3. Thanks Sun. I think of you anytime I pass the Blue Horizon office building!

  4. No problemo Mike. I'm sorry you didn't get that job, too!