Thursday, November 19, 2009

^5s: My Top 5 Favorite Pornstars EVAR.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite pornstars of all time. I didn't exactly have a criteria or anything for choosing them, except for my opinion on their sex appeal and attitude. It's different for each of them.

Dana Vespoli

Dana is the first porn girl I ever really was super into. Honestly the reason is because she's got a SRSLY pretty face, she's got a great ass, and most of all, she's got that old Hollywood starlet smoky voice. I never met her personally, but she's married to Manuel Ferrara and he loves her to death. I actually admitted to him once that I had previously had a crush on her. He was flattered.

Penny Flame

Ah, Penny Flame. She was amazing to work with. She had a great attitude in general, about porn, about life, about sex. She had so much sex appeal in person I was pretty impressed, because that's usually not the case for pornstars. She kept trying to make out with me but I just laughed and blushed a lot. Yeah, I did.

Roxy Deville

We must have shot her like 6 or 7 times at least, and she was always great. She didn't have the kind of body I generally like in a girl, having not enough curves or meat on her bones, but I liked her look A LOT. She hinted pretty often that she was really into girls, like REALLY into them, and actually tried to make plans that her, Gianna (see below) and I go to an all day spa with saunas and such. I admit, I punked out on that one. To be hanging around those two naked all day? What the WHAT? I was just thankful I didn't have a penis because that could have gotten kind of embarrassing walking around on set. ('Cause honestly, being on set is all business. The other people on set could give a shit about the nudity and fucking, and usually only the performers are actually excited about anything.)

Gianna Michaels

Oh Gianna. How I love thee. Let me count the ways. Over 9000. We must have shot her about the same amount of times as Roxy, but my god, it wasn't until I saw her...oh...maybe the 6th time, that I actually got over my total fear of talking to her. She has PRESENCE. When she walks into a room, everyone stares at her. Her and I went shopping a few times, and had dinner a few times, and MAN, this girl, with no makeup on, wearing a t shirt and jeans or even sweats...her sex appeal and confidence just POURS off of her in waves in a 100 yard radius. Not to mention, she's got the most amazing attitude. She kinda grew up in the school of hard knocks, so she was pretty hood. And I don't mean she was ghetto, but you could tell that she was a tough chick.

Keeani Lei

Last but not lease, Keeani Lei. I have to say, there's nothing about her I find attractive whatsoever. I mean, she's very pretty, being hapa and all, but other than that? I mean, if you've got yellow fever, then this is the kind of girl for you...but I've never liked small and petite girls. BUT. As far as her awesomeness factor? The girl skates, she surfs, and she's a total nerd otherwise. When she showed up on set it was crazy because I had NO IDEA who she even was. She had glasses on, and she looked pretty plain, I admit, actually nerdy. I totally thought she was there from an agency or the location management company. She cleans up well, as you can see, but her and I had the best behind the scenes interview because we talked about movies and anime. I found this video of her playing Guitar Hero, and I don't know about you, but it was kind of a turn on for me.


  1. Yayyy!!!

    I didn't read the post YET, but the title alone deserved a touchdown dance.

  2. Gianna is so fine, I wanna take her in the back of a middle school, and get her pregnant.

  3. Marcus: You don't even KNOW!

    Pago: ROFLMAO!

  4. Thanks for this, Sun. Your manz is a lucky manz.


  5. Dart, you're welcome. And I think he knows since he's marrying me and all! LOL!