Wednesday, December 16, 2009

^5s: Last 5 TV Shows I've Watched

So as I've always said, I do feel that television is the opiate of the masses, and all that. However, because watching bad porn all day is horribly mind numbing, I've decided to make work go quicker by trying to watch television shows at work on the DL. Because, I figure, I need something to distract me from the monotony of hairy man taint, stretch marks, and bad tit jobs. But, you know, I've found that there's something to be said about television lately, because there do seem to be a lot of good television shows on the air. If I'm going to watch television, I do like television that either is really clever in the way they make you laugh, or else television that makes you think. So here's my ^5s list on the last 5 TV shows I've watched and the order in which I enjoyed them.

5. How I Met Your Mother

I started watching this show because I was told that manz and I remind people of Marshall and Lily. And my Samoan cousin Pago told me that NPH on this show is just classic. I was also told by Stef that this show takes some time to hit its stride, but its worth it once it does.
My verdict: You know what? They were all right. Manz and I have a relationship that is very similar to Marshall and Lily. NPH IS just classic on the show, and it did take a while to hit its stride, but its really very funny. I think in terms of personality I'm most like the character Robin on the show. And I think the one thing that annoys me on the show is Ted. MY GOD is he a poor pathetic example of a single man. The worst part is I think he's very similar to most single men these days. Which is sad.

4. 30 Rock

I had heard all about this show and how awesome it was for a couple years now, but of course I'm all about not believing the hype. And plus, it was billed as a sitcom, and I just HATE sitcoms. However, for some reason I had NO IDEA that Tracy Morgan was on this show. It was because manz told me that he was, that I even listened to Stef when she was telling me how hilarious it was. Of course I ran it by my Samoan cousin and he gave it the thumbs up as well.
My verdict: This show is really, really good. It was good from the beginning, they get great guest stars, Tina Fey is great, Alec Baldwin is AMAZING, and Tracy Morgan is hysterical. I wish I knew whether or not they ever wrote lines for him, because I swear that he just adlibs everything.

3. Big Bang Theory

So an ex-friend who's now been sanctioned first put me up on this show, but he hyped it so much I almost didn't want to watch it. I finally did after the recommendation of a fellow geek back when I was on Twitter. I was prepared to be disappointed because whenever pop culture portrays nerds or geeks its never realistic.
My verdict: This show is fucking amazing if you are a nerd or geek yourself, or if you ever knew one. It's very true to life in terms of what nerds and geeks are like, and what their hobbies are. And the characters are likable, and the plots are funny and upbeat, but not in a patronizing, "we have to hit you over the head because you're a stupid American" kind of way.

2. Modern Family/Arrested Development

So I tried out Modern Family on a whim, because Stef told me that it was a show on network television showing a gay couple raising a child. And that it was hilarious. Pago also informed me this was the case, and one of them, I don't remember who, said it was reminiscent of Arrested Development. Now, I had never watched AD till this year, because I had been putting off. The reason why is because manz had done so much hyping of that and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Well, we tried "It's Always Sunny" first, a couple of years ago, which I found to be a dismal failure. It was nowhere near to being this epically hilarious television show that I expected it to be.
My verdict: Both shows are GREAT, and they seem to have a similar feel to each other. I love the random wacky humor, and the "You could never guess the plot of this episode" type of hijinks because it's always a toss up, but fortunately, it's also always funny to me. I've gotten never ending laughs over both of these shows. Modern Family continues to totally astonish me with just how good a show it is. I guess the reason I love them both is because they're both about family, and dysfunctional sort of families, but they're never really overly gay. Although I admit an episode of Modern Family left me feeling like EXTRA gay and like I might have had some dust in my eye or something.

1. Battlestar Galactica

Oh, Battlestar! How I wronged you for so long! How I acted a fool by not wanting to be a bandwagoner! I put it off for 4 years, but finally succumbed to the pressure of watching BSG this year after manz raved about it, as well as Dart. We had a gift certificate to Borders and after I bought a fuck ton of books I still had $20 left so I bought the miniseries. Let me tell you right now, that experience changed my life.
My verdict: This show is the BEST GOD DAMNED SHOW I have ever seen. No contest. Yes, I don't watch much TV, but the last show I lvoed this much was the X-Files in its heyday, and I have to say, BSG outstripped X-Files at its finest. Better writing, better acting, better special effects, better action, and a FAR better ending. It really did change my life and how I view sci-fi shows. (Before now, corny.) It's the best damned show I've ever seen, and I highly advise those of you that haven't watched it to do so. STAT.

Well, because I've watched so much TV lately, I feel the need to detox by going on a reading binge. I just read some pretty amazing comics and books I'll be talking about soon.


  1. I'm gonna check a couple of these out because i trust your judgment. Did you see Dexter this season? If not, get to it! That shit was bananas.

  2. Sir, I want you to know that I'm extremely flattered that you trust my judgment. SRSLY! I highly suggest BSG and Big Bang for nerd factor. I heard Dexter was bananas from like 5 diff people. I can only commit to one show at a time generally, and right now I'm trying to catch up to Scrubs but I think Dexter will be right after.

  3. Wow I got you into some of these, and you got me into BSG and Big Bang. We are so give and take! I'm glad you have discovered that while most tv sucks, not all of it does.

  4. Its Always f'n Sunny in f'n Philadelphia!!!! FTW!!

  5. I watched the first season of It's Always Sunny, and it was pretty funny. Like Seinfeld on crack.

    I also hear a lot of good things about Southbound and Down. HBO comedy.

  6. I meant Eastbound and Down.

  7. Guys, I will consider It's Always Sunny while I finish Scrubs. The episode I watched was ridiculous and on top of it all SUPER RACIST, so I have to say I'm not really down with that. I mean, I love Kevin Smith, but I could not finish watching Clerks 2 after the guys spent 10 minutes on racial slurs, and it looked like there was no end in sight. I guess I'm just a sensitive, bleeding heart, liberal gay communist fag.