Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie Poster Mashups - Moar Artfaggotry

So I was browsing the internets the other day and found these movie poster mashups a bunch of people had done. I forget where I saw it but there were a fuck ton of them. I just took out the ones I liked best:

This made me laugh my ASS off. Especially because I don't particularly find any of these women very attractive. Could one of them lick my figurative balls? Sure, but if I had the chance I wouldn't put a whole bunch of effort into hitting them up.

I'm sure it's obvious why I liked this one, because what movie nerd and all around nerd doesn't want to see a mashup of Kubrick and Lucas?

I thought this one was extraordinarily clever and well done. It takes creativity to think of something like that.

I saved the best for last, but I think this too was also well done. It's subtle but really good.

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