Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Pron: WTF is this BS?

Do you guys like how overwhelmed I was by the outpouring of gayness earlier this week that for 3 days I couldn't even do a post in this blog? Jesus. Anyhow, to compensate for the gayness, I have to fill the rest of the week with porn.

Anyway, I love how when girls get into the business at first, they have no idea how to pose or make face. I laughed my ASS OFF when I saw these because of how NOT sexy I think they are.

She doesn't look sexy at all in this one, as a matter of fact it looks like she's about to tell you she's got a headache and wants to go to bed. Despite the fact that she's topless.

Okay, and on this one? Why does she look like she's giving herself a breast exam? I mean, I know what I said about appreciating the boobies this month and all, but REALLY. Girls giving themselves breast exams is not really that sexy. I mean, girls touching their own boobies is hot, but not when they're looking for malignant lumps of cancer.

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