Thursday, October 29, 2009


There is no other reaction you will have when you see these videos. My boy Pago already knows of them 'cause I shared them with him, but this Frenchie, Remi Gaillard, is a fucking comedic genius. Pago put it that it's like candid camera and jackass had a love child, and it totally is, but so much better. Manz and I laughed our asses off to this, and the ones below actually made us CRY. I first saw the Bat video, and it went on from there.

The best part is when he's at the gas station.

This shit is so random and funny to me, especially his shoes, check out his shoes.

I played Mario Kart a few times so don't 100% remember it all, but this was still hysterical.

Saved the best for last:

Dude, this one, I was DYING. If you have EVER played pac man, your head will explode from all the comedy in this video. Srsly.

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