Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(Okay so it's Tuesday, but I started writing this on Friday, so it counts!)

This segment of this blog that I do mostly every Friday is about whatever I happen to be particularly angry about that week. Today's Fuck Yo' Friday is about covert racism, which REALLY pisses me off. I'd much rather have someone be a racist, ignorant motherfucker to my face rather than behind my back. I'd much rather have someone call me a fucking chink or jap (but try to get your racial slurs right people, I'm a GOOK) rather than talk about "those fucking orientals" behind my back and smile in my face when they see me.

Racism is awful in general, but even more so when you realize that people you are directly related to are more racist in ways you can't even imagine. Because of my impending marriage to manz, I've had to deal with some shit from my father primarily about the fact that he doesn't approve of interracial relations.

I'm not speaking to my father, and he's not invited to the wedding. Honestly, I'll walk my own damn self down the aisle. Symbolically, women getting married are walked by their fathers down the aisle (or another male relative) because this male relative is supposed to be the person who's been most supportive throughout their lives, and this person gives them away to the groom. However, my parents being as crazy and horribly dysfunctional (although dysfunctional doesn't even BEGIN to cover it, trust me) as they are, they've never done anything but shit on me and try to hold me down through a variety of pretty terrible things they've said and done. Everything I am right now, everything I've accomplished, (however dubiously I might feel about them being actual accomplishments, but that's another story) is because of ME and me alone. I took the SATs and ACTs on my own volition. I took AP classes in High School of my own volition. I filled out all my financial aid documents and college applications ON MY OWN. I put myself through college (it took 11 years because I had to work full time to support myself starting from 17), got my degree, and have since been putting myself through grad school. And did they ever support me? No. And when pops met manz for the first time, what did he have to say to him? That there are two things he hates most in this world: "the gay" (yes, he said "the gay" as if its some sort of disease) and interracial relationships. Fuck that. It's not up to him to approve or disapprove. So until things change drastically in the next 6 months, our wedding will be drama and family-free. On that note, just to be gleefully spiteful, I almost wish I were a guy, so that way our wedding would be both gay AND interracial.

So, I guess you can understand that when I saw this story, I was PISSED. Are you fucking serious? REALLY? REALLY? You're not going to perform interracial marriages because of some fucked up racist beliefs that you have? Fuck you. And fuck your covert racism. It's not up to ANYONE to decide who should or should not get married in this country except for those people wishing to get married. It's not up to anyone else to decide these things for you. Whatever your cultural background, sexual preference, you should be allowed to mary who you want, when you want.


  1. First, I didn't even read your post yet.

    I wanted to comment and say that the Lego Face?


    Ok, now I'm going back to read.

  2. I feel you Sun. Your blog made me crack up again because, and I think I mentioned this to you when we first spoke, my ex used to refer to gays as "the gay" as well. It brought back many hilarious memories. They are hilarious now because I see it as complete and utter ignorance, but I went through some pretty horrible times with my ex and his family and their racism towards me. I was, and always will be, the "white devil". I know you know this, but let me just tell you anyway: your family is the one who is missing out in this whole mess. They will have regrets some day and you will continue to be the wonderful person you are with our without them and their support. It's great that you have had the wisdom to see what was really going on within your family and to make a change for yourself. I think you should have one of your best girlfriends walk you down the aisle and then send the pics to your dad and mention that she is your lesbian lover.

  3. YES.

    I heard about that going down in Louisiana and I was appalled. It's not your job to say yes or no to someone getting married. It's your JOB to marry folks. When I don't do my job, I get fired. Since you didn't do your job, well...

    Natural progression and all of that.

    Who cares if they were polka dot blue with puce stripes? Marry the folks and move on.

  4. O: I love the SRS Business lego dude, his face just makes me LMAO. I think he took his job way too seriously and thought that 'cause he was a "judge" that gave him the right to actually JUDGE people. Whatever.

    Shellie: Thank you, thank you, thank you. And can I say for your last sentence, I love you long time?