Thursday, October 15, 2009

^5s: Kingdom Come - Old Fogey Edition

So being the artfag and comic book nerd that I am, a few weeks ago I came across some pretty amazing artwork that I found great on so many different levels. Now while we all have read Kingdom Come about a million times and thought how awesome a job Mark Waid and Alex Ross did, (sidenote, Alex Ross is a dick. I wanted some of his art so bad at Comic Con but that shit was MAD overpriced. Asshole.) I never thought of looking at superheroes in a geriatric light. But Donald Soffriti apparently has. Here were my top 5 favorite pieces he did, and if you want to see more, here's his blog.

It's hysterical how OLD Galactus looks, and Silver Surfer looks even older, almost mummy-like. It cracked me up that Galactus has got snot and drool on his face too. I'd be scared to see how monstrous his gut looks at that age.

What I want to know is, how old is Wally West here? Or Bart? If they can time travel and beat laws of physics does this mean that this Flash is centuries old to look this old? I was never good at math but what I DO know is that it'd be amazing to have super speed when you have to take a dump in a hurry. When the Poo Gremlin lets you know its time to go, you'd better go like, 5 mins ago.

I think what I like most about this one is that I always thought that Tony Starks would be a debonair sort of older guy. Which I suppose sort of fits with this look. I think the cigar really does the trick.

Now this just makes me SAD. I mean, I always pictured Bruce being old like in Kingdom Come or even Batman Beyond. But this is just SHAMEFUL. (And is that Damian? He really let himself go.)

Of COURSE Logan just looks the same but with greyer hair. But the corks are a nice and hysterical touch.

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