Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talk Is Cheap - Henry Muthafuckin ROLLINS!

So, as I think anyone who knows me, especially those on FB or that read my blog, will know that I just love me some Henry Rollins. The dude is artistic, outspoken, intelligent, articulate, AND very liberal. Not to mention that he seems to care deeply about all of the same things that I do - let's say, caring about the military men and women that go through so much for our country, being fucking ANGRY at the retards out there who are completely ignorant and apathetic, being angry at all the fuckery going on in the government for so long, being for civil rights for ALL people (for example, pro gay marriage and women's rights) and actually knowing about and giving a fuck about all the conflict and warfare and generally horrible shit that goes on overseas. Oh, and let's not forget, being very pro being educated and actually thinking it's cool to want to LEARN. It's not so much that I appreciate his celebrity status, because let's be honest, I don't. But I DO appreciate that he uses his celebrity status to get to public forums where he can speak his mind.

I had been listening to his Talk Is Cheap albums at work all week last week, and he had mentioned in them that he does email interviews with college students all the time who are just completely stupid and entirely apathetic. He's said that they ask stupid questions and don't answer HIS questions, and provided some hilarious examples of them. I decided to send him an email, just for the hell of it, thinking that he wouldn't respond because he was too busy.


I almost DIED when I saw my email. To summarize, I sent him an email saying I'd love to know what his thoughts were on a few things, and that I know he was a busy guy but would he mind if I asked him a few questions. His response was:

"Hi. Thanks for the letter and kind words. It is true, I am perpetually low on time. I can try and answer a few questions if you like. Thanks for the interest. Henry"

I was walking quickly around in circles at home, just saying "OMG!" to myself for a few minutes, before I finally wrote back. I wanted to ask him intelligent and engaging questions, so this is what I said:

After listening to your Talk Is Cheap albums and hearing your opinion on social issues and political matters before Obama became President, I wondered what you thought about things going on right now, I guess. Anyhow:

1. I've been thinking that a lot of serious conflict these days can be resolved or at least there could be some headway made on them if there were sustained dialogue on the topic between all the parties involved. For some crazy reason I kind of think that if people just got to know one another, spent enough time in each other's presence just talking, it would really help take away from the dehumanizing of your "enemy" that happens when you're involved in a conflict long enough. Do you think that sustained dialogue could help matters with Iran, or between Israel and Palestine?

2. Have you read 100 Years of Solitude? And if so, can you tell me WHY it would be considered such a work of genius? I do read pretty voraciously, I'm one of those people who can't fall asleep without reading in bed, so I don't think I'm too much of an idiot, but I'm confused as why so many people I know thought it was truly amazing. It sort of seemed to me like reading Faulkner with his stream of consciousness style that I've never really been a fan of.

3. How do you think Obama's doing in general? What do you think he's doing right or wrong? I personally think he's trying much too hard to reach out to the Republicans, especially the neocons. I kind of think that Bill Maher said it best recently when he said that it was stupid for the White House to keep listening to the Republicans and that Americans don't care what side of an issue you're on as long as you don't act like pussies.

I sent this an hour and half after his response because as I said I wanted to ask something intelligent, but also wanted to genuinely know what he thought. So a mere TWO HOURS later, he responded. (I formatted his response a wee bit to correspond to my questions.)

1. The only way things will cool out in the Israel/Palestine thing is if Israel left. They will not, of course. They couldn't if they wanted to. America would make them stay. It's our foothold in the region. The degree to which we support them, to the tune of billions a year, is not proof of our love for the country but of our hatred of all the others in that region. America has a very healthy amount of anti-semitism. It was a land steal and talking won't cool it out.

2. Never read that book.

3. I agree about Obama. He keeps losing parts of his hand when he reaches out. He should be more like Bush was and just ram stuff through. I don't see why he has to keep us in Afghanistan. Overall, I think he's doing great with what he inherited, the mess that republics now somehow forget that they created and ascribe to him. H

SQUEE~! I'm pleasantly surprised he responded and in detail. It was awesome. His take on Israel/Palestine is very interesting. I thought about that for a while, and I'm also glad to see that he feels the way I, and apparently Bill Maher, do about Obama at the moment.

I did tell Henry I'd be posting his responses on my blog, but I'm sure he's got better shit to do than read this, but I wanted to post it here because of how cool I thought it all was.


  1. He should be more like Bush was and just ram stuff through.


    My pops always said that about Dubya. No matter what people say about his intelligence, the man had balls.

  2. Looks like you finally got your wish lol. Henry Rollins ftw!

  3. Pago, I think more and more people are thinking that Obama should really stop trying to get everyone to agree. Honestly shit, I'm going to go into Negotiation and Conflict Resolution as my CAREER and I really think he's fighting a lost battle on that front.

    Max - I KNOW RIGHT?!