Sunday, September 13, 2009


Some of you may be aware of the fact that at the wedding last weekend I decided 4 Long Islands and a couple glasses of champagne was a really good idea. I wasn't drunk, but somehow I decided getting up in front of 300 people and singing was a GREAT idea. I have no idea what happened there in my mental processes, but when I saw these I thought to myself: It's funny 'cause it's true.

Definitely after you've been drinking, any object that has surface space is a good place to crash. I know I was dead tired after the reception and seriously contemplated falling asleep at the bar after the wedding, and on the floor of the elevator on the way up to our room.

I love this one because it's hilarious how many times I've seen a post on some random site talking about people being on Facebook while drunk and acting foolish. I won't lie, right before manz and I got together I did some pretty foolish things while drunk and surfing the interwebs. Can you believe the shit they put on Craigslist sometimes? Wow.

Anytime you're drunk, anywhere there are ladies is a good place to check out them and their boobies.

Why is it after a night of drinking, pretty much anything you eat REALLY DOES taste like a fuckin' gourmet meal? Isn't that crazy? The morning after the wedding, I was so hungry that when we had brunch at manz family's house I actually ate PORK SAUSAGE AND BACON. I haven't had that in years. (Turkey bacon, however, is another story. It is amazing. Trust me.)

Ah yes. I swear that when you're drinking whoever keeps bringing the liquor to you is like the hand of god directly reaching down to bless you. The old Irish lady who was bartending was my BFF that night.

Last but certainly not I said, when you're drunk, any time is a good time to see the ladies and their boobies, and for some reason it seems to be all one can focus on when you've been drinking. Instead of discreetly glancing at cleavage, all of a sudden it's like you've got blinders on and cleavage is all you can see PERIOD. You don't even notice the cleavage and breasts are connected to a person that just so happens to be talking to you. It's almost a little obscene. Not like I have personal experience with this phenomena or anything. *cough*