Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Madden 2k10!

So manz is really a group sports game player, he's not one to like playing sports games on his own. Since he was a kid he's been playing Madden with his best friend, but when he moved in with me, that changed. Well, only 'cause his best friend is still in Cleveland. I know I came into my NFL appreciation late, and I think maybe Dart and Pago know why. If you don't know, it's 'cause my brother and father are rabid Raiders fans. Who WOULDN'T hate football after growing up with that shit?

Anyway, so manz and I were playing NBA 2k9 a lot when it came out, and I always ended up playing a shooting guard, usually DWade. I also usually scored an average of 45 points I think, because I'm a ballhog. In my own defense I will say that because I've always been an instant gratification, FPS player, to me, when I get the ball, I feel like I have to shoot. I mean shit, if you got a full clip and you come up behind someone, you pull the trigger, amirite? Manz noticed that when we played together we won all of our games, but when he played alone he didn't win as much. I think that's because he's a team player, and I'm a selfish ballhogging biatch. Nonetheless when buzz of the new Madden came through, manz started thinking. He figured, since I'm a ballhog and a big scorer, and always play a shooting guard, wouldn't it make sense that any skill I have in NBA 2k9 would translate over to Madden? He considered this and brought it up to me, and I said I was willing to give it a shot.

I consulted Pago about manz plans and he informed me that he also felt it could be a natural transition, because as he pointed out, (in simple terms, so I'd understand, because football IZ HRD) that a SG in basketball was very similar to an RB in football, and that if I was good at scoring, playing a RB shouldn't be too difficult.

Well, Monday night was my trial run of playing a game with manz, and we played as the Chargers against the Lions. Of course, I was LT, and manz was Philip Rivers. (This makes me laugh because he will always be the QB, and I know I'll always be a RB, and you know the statistics on the ethnicities that play those positions.) On offense, he says I did well, because he informed me that a good RB will get about 4 yards a play, and I usually got about 5. Playing defense was a summumaBITCH though, even though I was Shawne Merriman, because defense to me seems infinitely more difficult and complicated than offense is. Anyway, we won the game and manz said I did as well as he expected I would. We decided to start a franchise, and here's who we drafted.

Note: Some of the players I knew of already, and those were my choices, which manz agreed with. The rest of them he asked me to choose and I freely admit I made some choices really ig'nintly, (for example, I chose Dwayne Robertson based on his profile pic, which cracked me the fuck up. Dude looks like he was midway through the nod in his profile pic!) but some I made based on stats. And yes, I KNOW that stats don't necessarily mean shit but what else do I have to go on when I don't know much about the game or the players yet? Sheesh!


QB - Aaron Rodgers
RB - Adrian Peterson
RB - Ladainian Tomlinson
WR - Percy Harvin
WR - Devin Hester
WR - Josh Cribbs
T - Jake Long
G - Kris Dielman


OLB - Shawne Merriman
MLB - Demeco Ryans
LB - Clay Matthews
LB - James Laurinaitis
CB - Quentin Jammer
CB - Antonio Cromartie
CB - Ty Law
FS - LaRon Landry

Feel free to laugh. I think manz likes our offensive line because he noticed I tend to run to the left and according to him we have a good left side. He also says that we're running a 3-4 defense. Whatever that means. Defense is gonna take me a while. I like Shawne Merriman but manz is thinking I might need to play a defensive lineman because that might be easier. (Yes, Pago, I know you already told me the same shit, but Shawne Merriman was too good to pass up and plus his Lights Out dance amuses me.)


  1. I hate to be a douche, and I know you're a big LT fan. But...c'mon....that's not the cover for Madden 2010.

  2. I know, I know, I know. Funny thing about that is, we've had the game for a while now as you know, but I didn't even get a good look at the cover since it's been lying on our coffee table open. Then when I did a Google Image Search, that was one of the first ones I came up with. Then after I posted this, I said to manz, "Wait...didn't LT NOT want to be on the cover of Madden?" And he was like, "He isn't!" that's when I realized my error but I laughed and left it as is anyway. What can I say? I do love me some LT.