Monday, August 24, 2009

Hate Me Now

The other day I came across a SRSLY crazy map that was documenting the amount of hate groups in each state. The list was compiled using legitimate sources, all published, like the actual hate group's publications/websites, law enforcement and news reports.

You can find the list of exactly which hate groups are in your state by going here. All I have to say is...WTF CALIFORNIA? I thought we were a pretty liberal state but COT DAMN! Shit, Texas is bigger than Cali but somehow we have 24 more hate groups than they do? JESUS.


  1. Alaska and Hawaii don't have any?

    So...the Police don't count?

  2. Pago, you should know better, we can't count the police because, you know, they're a LEGAL entity. So police brutality doesn't count. Shit in CA alone you'd have to add LAPD and Oakland PD for sure.