Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of Week Pron

I have to share these photos, because they're just that amazingly hilarious. This is a surefire indication that you know a girl does NOT like facials. I saw the pics in the sequence I'm presenting them, so you'll understand why I just started laughing my ass off out of nowhere when I was sitting there by myself, not even talking to anyone.

Anyway, let the hilarity commence:

Aren't those pictures great? The level of discomfort and disgust on her face crack me up.

It's girls like this that I wear this shirt for:

(Yes, I really own that shirt, and yes, I really do wear it in public.)


  1. I feel that pic needs to be captioned somehow.

  2. lolz......she hated herself in the morning for months after that

  3. That second picture is the best... It looks like she's completely confused as to why she's about to take that facial.

  4. I love you guys because you have the same thoughts as I do. I laughed my ASS off when I saw these and I actually hoped that at some point she gets it in her eye. She'd deserve it for those retarded faces.