Monday, August 31, 2009

^5s: 5 Rockstars I Wish Sang R&B Songs

So lately due to the dearth of good hip hop music, I've been listening to a lot of other genres of music, new and old, and one night, when I was listening to a lot of rock music, I wondered what certain singers would sound like if they sang another genre, namely, R&B. Now, I don't mean this new school crap with Auto Tune and guest rappers. I mean the REAL R&B, starting with Motown and ending somewhere in the 80s. Being a singer of some humble talent and training myself (which I usually don't advertise) its not too difficult to discern which singers have probably had some training of their own, and which could move beyond the genre they were famous for.

It was really hard to narrow the list down, to be honest, because there are a lot of good singers. I had a hard time bringing this list down to just 5. What I did here was list two songs, the song I based my judgment on, and the song or songs I felt like they could actually sing, or that I'd love to hear them sing. Keep in mind that the singers won't have the same style as the original singers, obviously, but I kept in mind their range and what they seem comfortable with. I consulted my good friend Stormy, as well as manz because in some cases they're more knowledgeable on rock music than I am. But without further ado:

1. Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of Muse
"Take A Bow" was the one song I felt like showcased his vocal ability. He's amazing in everything Muse does, but I suspect he's had some vocal training, or else he's incredibly gifted. Or both. The man's got range and passion.

I'd love to hear him sing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by the Platters.

2. Ronny James Dio, lead singer of Dio
Honestly, hearing Dio sing "Holy Diver", and also hearing Jack Black's imitations of Dio, makes me think that he could carry off a more old school Motown hit. And after all, Jack Black was able to carry off "Let's Get It On" quite well. (For those of you not interested in waiting, he doesn't start singing till 1:30)

Dio's little ad libs and his singing style make me think he could totally pull something off like "I Got The Feelin" from James Brown.

3. Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin
Now I'm not a hardcore Zeppelin fan, but the moment I first heard"I Can't Quit You Baby", I was so blown away by the fact that an early metal band like Zeppelin had done a song that sounded so jazzy and bluesy. No video on this one, but the audio is pretty good.

With this in mind, it was an easy fit to find a song Robert Plant could sing. I decided on "Come Back Baby" from Ray Charles. Unfortunately there were NO YouTube videos with an original Ray Charles recording, so I decided to use the Stevie Wonder cover just so you get the idea.

4. Glenn Danzig, lead singer of Danzig, former lead singer of the Misfits
Now I'm none too knowledgeable of Danzig or the Misfits (although based on recent songs I've heard, I think I need to download their discography) but the one song of Danzig's that I've heard is "Mother". He's got a really interesting voice, it's almost like as if a jazz/big band singer decided to sing punk/hard rock.

It was hard to come up with what he should sing, but I ended up thinking that he'd be good singing something big band, so I went with "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra.

5. Freddy Mercury, lead singer of Queen
Anyone who's ever heard any Queen song (and for most of you that may be limited to only Bohemian Rhapsody) will know that this man can SING HIS ASS OFF. I have never heard a singer since Freddy Mercury that had his range. He's bloody amazing. But I based my choice on hearing his "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".

This was a HARD choice because his range is so amazing that I feel like he could do SO MANY songs. He's got a very strong falsetto, (like in Bohemian Rhapsody, for example) so I thought it'd be a challenge for someone like that to sing a song that was done in almost all falsetto. With that in mind I chose "I Like It" from Debarge.

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