Monday, August 17, 2009

^5s: 5 Comic Books I Just Read or Re-Read

Okay, I won't front, 4 of these 5 were TPBs. Now hate on me if you want to, but I find that at the age I am, I care less about the fact that I should be embarrassed that I bought the TPB, (which I am, seriously) and more about the fact that I was able to find whatever it was I was looking for at this new comic book shop manz and I have located a few miles from the house. That place is HELLA confusing. Shit is everywhere and not really very organized.

So a few of these were titles that I wanted to pick up, and a couple both of us wanted to pick up, and some were all manz' idea, but I trust him, and he knows me and how I am pretty well so I was willing to go on his word on a few of these.

1. Onslaught

Brief synopsis: Where Charles Xavier's dark side meshes with Magneto and becomes the villain Onslaught, who wtfpwns the shit out of everyone and everything.

Commentary: This was my idea but manz was in favor of it, having heard of it himself although he never read it. This was one of the last major storylines from Marvel that I read before I started moving around a lot and lost a lot of comics through moves as well as retardedly vengeful exes. Anyway, it was just as good as I remembered, although I do have a few critiques of it. One of the things I do love about Marvel is the way they tie in the whole Marvel Universe into a huge, all encompassing storyline, but the other edge to that sword is the fact that they always throw in some RANDOM ASS people that have nothing to do with the story at all. I mean, okay, I do love Punisher, but what the fuck? Why was he there? Manz was happy though 'cause it gave some shine to some of the members of his Marvel Superhero B Team. Which leads us to...

2. Moon Knight

Brief synopsis: This is the story of Marc Spector, a Jewish boy from Chicago, who goes to Egypt while working for an African mercenary and ends up becoming Khonshu the Moon God's avatar on earth. He becomes a crime fighter, spreading truth and justice all the while looking like a poor man's Batman.

Commentary: I won't lie, I snickered on the inside when I first heard of this character through manz. Again, I'll reiterate that I'm not prejudiced, I like all comics, so I read both Marvel and DC, as well as Image and a few other smaller comic brands. With that said, however, I had NEVER heard of Moon Knight and thought the whole idea was pretty silly, but manz was pretty serious about liking him, but he has a fondness for B or C level characters. I guess it's cause he always loves an underdog. Well, I do too, which is why I gave the book a shot. All in all, I found it pretty good. Much better than I expected. Which leads us to:

For shits and giggles I will mention here that manz has always had a Superhero B Team that he would love to see together, kinda like the broke off ghetto JLA or Avengers. This team would be led by Moon Knight, and would also include:



Firelord (When I asked manz who the hell this was, he told me he had guest appearances on Silver Surfer. Say WHAT?)


This made me laugh, but I will admit that at least they don't have retarded costumes.

3. Infinity Gauntlet

Brief Synopsis: Thanos is a villain who's a crazy mofo in love with Death and he decides to win her love by killing half of the world's population. He accomplished this by taking the Infinity Gems and attaching them to his glove to create the Infinity Gauntlet, and Adam Warlock and the surviving heroes on Earth duke it out with him.

Commentary: I wanted to re-read this after some verbal repartee between Dart Adams and myself on Twitter. I had read it WAY back when, but manz was excited to get it again, because back home he has first issue. Can you believe that he LIKED Adam Warlock? Anyway, I will say that any Marvel fanboy or fangirl should love the appearance of the cosmic pantheon, it's like a nerdgasmic panoply of cosmic power all on 2 pages. I thought I liked Jim Starlin as a writer but maybe I outgrew him because I love Grant Morrison so much now? Ah, speaking of which...

4. Batman and Robin

Brief Synopsis: Batman is dead and Dick Grayson, formerly Nightwing, takes over the role of Batman, with Damian Wayne, Bruce's son, filling the role of Robin.

Commentary: I was really looking forward to this, and the week the first issue was released I was so excited but had to wait till the 2nd issue to pick it up. As I said before I do love Grant Morrison, I think he's an amazing writer, so I was interested to see what he'd do with Dick as Batman and Damian as Robin. Personally I liked Dick Grayson as Nightwing, so I expected him to be the one to take over in the case that Bruce couldn't do the job anymore. However, I have ALWAYS wanted to punch Damian in the throat and the jeans simultaneously. I think my major mistake here was reading this before I read the TPB on the Death of Batman. Oh well. The first two issues seemed a little "meh" to me so far, but because it's Grant, and because I feel that heroes are measured by their villains, the jury's still out on this one.

5. Thor

Brief Synopsis: This is the new Thor, where Odin is dead, Ragnarok has happened, and Asgard is now floating above Oklahoma. Sif is trapped in an old human woman's body, and Loki is now a woman. Let the shenanigans commence!

Commentary: This one was manz' choice. I never liked Thor because my idea of him always consisted of him being like this Norse cross between Superman and Captain America, but with a hammer instead of a shield. Not that I have anything against hammers, quite the opposite in fact, as I think anyone who knows me knows that I AND my Korean people have an affinity for hammers. (See this post, if you're unaware.) HOWEVER! I will say that I did find this pretty interesting. I was dying to know if Thor would find Sif, and I also am very curious to see how things pan out with Loki being a woman now, because, as I think we all know, the bitches work in mischievous ways.

I think next trip to the comic shop will involve getting more of Thor, Batman and Robin, and the other TPB of Moon Knight. I also need to catch up on Civil War and Secret Invasion. I ALSO need to find out how and why Hal Jordan is GL again, and how the hell Batman died. Man, I'm behind.


  1. Infinity Gauntlet? Fuck yeah! Adam Warlock, Kree Captain Mar-Vell, Drax The Destroyer, Starfox, Her AKA Paragon, Moondragon & Thanos for the win!

    I also love the ex-Heralds Of Galactus, Silver Surfer, Fire Lord, Nova & Binary. I'm a 70's Baby & a Marvel kid so I love Moon Knight & Daredevil (YES, I'VE HEARD OF BATMAN!).


  2. Yeah, I just heard that Batman died, and Dick Grayson was the one that took up the cowl.

    And FYI, Hal fucked up the GL Corps big time.

    All good reads you got here. I also like Vertigo's DMZ series. The whole civil war thing was pretty cool.

    Deadpool is my fav Marvel read right now. I really need to check out that Moon Knight.

  3. @Dart: Manz says - Good work sir, good work. *Gives Dart the secret Moon Knight Hi-five hand shake of Khonshu*

    @Pago: I LOVE Deadpool. I've always liked him, before it was cool, but then I always like to say that about shit I've liked from back when!