Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moar Random Artfaggotry

So I forgot exactly where I saw these, but I love the way the artist did a mashup of older and more contemporary artwork, as well as managing to inject some humor into it. Of course as is typical for me, I like the last two best.


  1. Wow!

    Never thought about the last one. There is a thin line between an artist and perv. Or canvas in this case.

  2. Yeah, that last one I thought was REALLY interesting. Of course any model in a big city that ever came across an "artist" looking for a "muse" prolly thought of it, but the bottom line is, you don't think of it till its presented that way.

    Funny how if you've got a pencil or a brush in your hand you're an artist, but if you've got a camera, you're a dirty pornographer. Ah, technology.

  3. LOLz, yeah whatttup!!!!!!!!!

  4. Art is perverse. I swear, in my modern art class I learned about so much sexual shit included in art. There was one artist in the 17th century that was commissioned to do a statue of another artist and he ends up crafting him masturbating under a robe.

  5. @m: You know what I'm tombout.

    @E-Rich: Art is TOTALLY perverse but people don't know it. Did you know a lot of older literature is totally perverse too? Shakespeare's Twelfth Night has so much sex talk and dirty references it's almost obscene.