Monday, June 29, 2009

Medieval Empires: The Scary Edition

There have been multiple pictures on Medieval Empires that have been a little scary, but I think this compilation probably takes the cake. Of course whether or not these are scary, and if so, just how scary, is really just a value judgment on my part. Keep in mind, I find them all scary for different reasons.

Exhibit A:

This woman freaks me out a bit because my question is, who would have thought a woman like this was on Facebook? Playing a game on it? I would have assumed (incorrectly, I see now) that this woman wouldn't even know what the internets WAS, let alone actually be registered with a social networking site. And also, does she have friends? If so, why did they let her post this picture?

Exhibit B:

This kid is probably not scary in an of himself, but this picture certainly is, to me. I feel like he's mentally ill or something and is probably crazier than me and more willing to actually kill people in some horrible way and less concerned about the law. Which is scary by itself, if you think about it.

Exhibit C:

Does this guy think he's Jesus? If so, why? I think what I find scary about this guy is the amount of hair on him that you can see just in the top 25% of his body. There must be a lagoon down there surrounding his junk. Blech.

Exhibit D:

This is a really terrible picture that looks like it was taken a long time ago and was most likely scanned in, as opposed to being taken by a digital camera and uploaded. The scary part of the picture is if you look at the glare from his glasses it looks like he's sitting in front of a computer, so I'm not sure why the picture looks so terrible. I personally think its because he's a creepy pedophile or makes snuff films and doesn't want people to know what he really looks like.

Exhibit E:

Okay, is this a girl or a guy? It's so hard to say, because it looks awfully androgynous. And why on earth would anyone use a picture like this as their profile pic? I mean, if you're a gorgeous model, okay, a skimpy outfit like this works. If you're a gay man, it works. But if you're just a manly looking woman, it does NOT work. Don't people like this still belong on Myspace or something?

Exhibit F:

I didn't plan this, but this um...thing ended up being Exhibit F coincidentally, which is both funny and freaky at the same time. I don't think I need to explain why this is scary, do I?

Exhibit G:

WHAT THE FUCK. This picture is all sorts of scary and wrong. Its a guy, but is it like 12? Or is it older and really disgustingly skinny? Is that a wig? WHY DID IT FEEL LIKE IT WAS OK TO TAKE A PICTURE LIKE THIS? Maybe someone with more anime knowledge than I can tell me what this is supposed to be exactly.


  1. These posts of yours should be the campaign to help protect children from sexual predators online.
    "Jimmy, see exhibit A? She skinned her last victim and wore the skin like a coat. And exhibit F? She ate her victims alive. Exhibit G was just like you, until he was abused and forced at gunpoint to do that. So will you promise me you won't talk to people online anymore?"