Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Incredible Hulk + Boobies = WIN

So one day last week I needed to cross reference some scenes and look a performer up, so I logged into the members side of our site to check the scene in question. Ordinarily I like to keep quiet when I'm at my desk since its like 5 feet away from my boss' office and his ass has like supersonic hearing & he always talks mad shit about my IMing (even though its almost all work people, and I only use my work IM now anyway) and when I make frustrated sound effects.

I couldn't keep quiet when I saw this in the header though:

I need to find out who thought of this idea because it is fucking hilarious.

Mmm boobies. Its a good way to start the week.

(I can't even figure out whose tits those are. I'm so ashamed.)


  1. @Darius: SO glad SOMEONE responded. I was like "Really? Titties elicit no response? Since when?"