Sunday, June 14, 2009


Recently Quintin AKA Niccolus had manz and I watch the show The Big Bang Theory. I have to admit that initially I was a little leery because it IS a sitcom, and I detest sitcoms. He kept telling us that it was total geek comedy and we would love it, but I still remained skeptical because I wondered how much a show like that would have to sacrifice in regards to its own integrity to appeal to the masses. Let it be known that I was wrong, and the show is hilarious. If anyone has ever considered themselves a nerd/geek or known any nerds or geeks then I'm positive you'll realize a lot of the characterizations on the show seem to be true to life. As the saying goes, "It's funny 'cause it's true."

But I digress. What does this show have to do with the title of this post? Let me explain. See, here's the thing. There's this character on the show, his name is Sheldon. He was a child prodigy who went to college at 11. He's got multiple psychological issues, he's OCD in multiple ways, and also seems to have Asperger's or symptoms of Asperger's. (A lot of nerds seem to have Asperger's, or even claim to, but the bottom line is that they're really just socially awkward.) Here's where I come to the crux of the issue. Sheldon is relatively neurotic and anti-social, which is to be expected, but something that seems to elude him is social activity and social conventions. In one episode, Sheldon does not want to buy his friend/roommate Leonard a birthday present, but is told that its a "non-optional social convention." In his world, a lot of what other people do socially makes no sense and is completely illogical. As I get older and time passes I realize I am getting more and more that way myself. So many social conventions or social considerations just make less and less sense to me. I seem to be having more and more issues as time passes and they don't seem to be issues that I can change or improve without a lot of work. Let me address each social medium on the internets that I am having issues with:

Meetup: Several months ago I was thinking that I need more friends. It was a little lonely I admit, after having moved to a new city where I don't know anyone, and hadn't really made any friends out here, with no way to meet them. So I joined this site because it seems to be tailor made for people in my situation. The few people I met in person don't seem at all to be people I'd like to be friends with or have anything in common with, nor would I enjoy their company. Of the 3 girls I met, 2 of them ended up being far too young for me to be able to enjoy their company, and 1 of them is on the "to be sanctioned" list. She's ended up being a little too high maintenance and needing constant affirmation with everything she does in my presence. I don't want to feel obligated to pat her on the head constantly, because I'm made to feel guilty if I don't do it. I've decided I'm batting a 0 with this site and will most likely not be using it in the future.

Facebook: I've pretty much fallen back on this site completely except for the games. Like most things, I'm in it for the games and that's it. While I do like to know how people are doing, the 5 millions quizzes and activities that are being spammed in my newsfeed are out of control. No offense to anyone whatsoever, but I'm no longer logging into Facebook's home page. I'm just logging into the games directly. I've tried to reduce all this madness in my newsfeed but with the way Facebook's changed everything around since their last update, it makes it extremely hard to do. And so I'm no longer going to be checking the front end. Now, this could hurt some people's feelings, from what I understand, but I think anyone who knows me knows that I don't intend to hurt other people's feelings. And if I do, trust me, you'll know.

Twitter: I've already talked about why I joined Twitter to begin with. However, the upliftment and entertainment I used to derive seems to fade more and more each day. Twitter is seeming more and more like a way for people to be completely self centered and narcissistic. All most people seem to be able to talk about is what goes on in their daily lives and to gossip about others. (And sure, I personally do talk a bit about my daily life, but I also like to talk about politics and current events with people, too.) While women do in fact do a lot of gossiping and shit talking, I've noticed that a lot of men do a lot of gossiping and shit talking themselves about hip hop artists and other celebrities, which amounts to the same thing. Honestly? I just don't care. A lot of the people I've met on Twitter seem to be intelligent and have a good sense of humor. But what does it all boil down to? Relationship issues and gossip. Wow, seriously? I guess it could be argued that I'm following the wrong people. But then this just means I need to UN-follow about a dozen people that I really do like as people. And if I did that and they noticed I did, then that of course just means they'd be hurt. But why? Who am I to you? What significance do I have in your daily life? I'm just some random bitch on the internet. Why does it matter so much what I think or have to say? This is what I don't understand. I'm seeing now that it's been ridiculous for me to be upset about things that occur online in a social media context. So while I'm not exactly saying "FUCK THIS GAME! I QUIT!" I am going to be on Twitter much less frequently and probably phasing it out at some point. I'm not 100% sure yet, but don't worry Twitter and Twitter people, its not you, its me.

In a way I feel like the friends that I have that have quit playing WoW. They all say the same thing: "I need to find better hobbies! I need to live my life! I need to get out and be productive!" Because honestly, I do need to do all those things. My 2nd to last semester of grad school is starting soon, and I'm going into full swing wedding planning. And even MORE importantly, I need to spend more time being a nerd. I need to spend more time playing video games. I need to spend more time reading. Do you know, I went from reading about 4 books a week, to reading 1 in the last 2 months? (Okay, admittedly I struggled with it because I don't think I'm smart enough, and continued trying because I'm stubborn, but still.) Keeping up with people on Facebook and Twitter is seeming more like a job I don't want to do anymore and don't even get paid to do. I'd much rather meet people gaming.

So in conclusion, my experimentation with social media and social networking has resulted in inconclusive results. I've met some amazing people, and gotten to know some people better that I wish I hadn't. Kinda like dating, but not. But don't worry, like I said, it's not you, it's me.


  1. I understand where you're coming from.

    It's hard to be a part of a social network that doesn't work for you. You needed it to do something, and it doesn't do it, so why continue to use it?

    At least you're being true to yourself. None of your friends, I think, could be mad at that.

  2. Ah, lil' bro, you'd be quite surprised at how more often than not, my friends have been mad that I stayed true to myself. Hence the reason I don't have many friends.

  3. Exactly.

    But I'm here, no matter how mad I get at you! /joking

  4. I hate to admit it, but I'm a huge fan of Big Bang Theory. *Nerd Alert!!*

    Howard Wallowitz is my fav of the cast. It's funny seeing him trying to pull moves on women, unsuccessfully of course.

    I also feel you on the whole anti-social thing. I noticed as I grew older my number of friends (even acquaintances) went lower. I probably have more friends on my myspace/facebook than I do in real life.

    Good write-up,.

  5. PAGOOOOOOOOO! Where have you BEEN? I was wondering if perhaps it was something I said that contributed to your absence and that did make me sad.

    I love that Howard is your fave. He's so hilarious and he strongly resembles someone I used to know physically, and also someone else I know with the rest of him.

    And also, us nerds need to stick together. Srsly. We're all we have when we're old!

  6. I know it's been a while. My Real Life called and it needed more of my time. Hence, the lack of comments.

    I still stopped by to read, but never had the chance to comment. Will comment more in the future.

    BTW, Favorite BBT moment. Seeing Sheldon react when Penny gives him an autographed handkerchief by Leornard Nimoy, which he also used to wipe his mouth with. Classic.

    Again. HUGE Nerd Alert on my part.

  7. @Pago: Well, it's truly nice to know you are alive. (No sarcasm intended) And, I hope, well. I like to read comments but they're totally not necessary, but your witty commentary was missed, I admit! And re: BBT, I haven't watched the 2nd season yet, but I DO look forward to the episode you mention because of course, I love Sheldon.

  8. word up! U already know i cosign........It's called growth. Some people are good with stagnation and complacence. Keep it moving and most importantly keep growing. peace

  9. @Marcus: I couldn't have said it better. I think most people are good with stagnation and complacence because growth hurts and its too hard. Fuck that. I'm moving up.