Monday, May 25, 2009


So I saw this CY&H the other day:

I thought it was hilarious but it reminded me of two things. One, this cover that I worked on with a boxcover artist friend of mine:

Like honestly, this box wasn't photoshopped too much, and I know because I was picking the original pictures. I know exactly what tools he used and what he did to it, and this tranny is the cover girl for precisely the reason that HE looked SO MUCH like a SHE. She's got better hair, skin, nails and legs than I do. Christ.

The second thing the comic reminded me of was something I witnessed and then something bad that I did afterwards. I was at the AVN show several years ago. The booth of the company I was working for happened to be right next to the Sineplex booth. Sineplex had Vanity signing for them. Now, I don't know what Vanity did to get him/herself to look how she does, but whatever it is, its phenomenal. Vanity is gorgeous. All the telltales of a tranny aren't even there. Anyway, so this hardcore redneck and his buddy were at the booth, coming on to Vanity. She plays along, and starts flirting with one of the rednecks while his buddy is filming it. She starts making out with him, he starts feeling her up, she's grinding on him, the whole 9. I'm watching this all happen, wondering when either of the dudes is gonna notice that Vanity's right nut was hanging out of the bottom of her G string. Finally they both walk away from the booth giggling and blushing. As they walk by, I decide to say: "Hey, that pornstar you were just making out with? THAT'S A GUY!" and I point to the poster hanging up at the booth promoting the line "Trans X". They stop, the one that had been making out with Vanity flips out in denial, finally my co-workers at the booth (who had been dying the whole time) say, "Dude, check out the video, you can see her right nut hanging out the whole time "she" was grinding on you". About 30 seconds later the one who had been doing the making out with Vanity ran off to the bathroom looking green.

Man, that was awesome.


  1. you've prolly seen WAY more than I have in my lifetime, lol. I feel like such a square when I read this blog. lol

  2. Man, I've seen a gang of shit even before the business that scarred me (which is why I always tell you guys I'm crazy!) so by the time I got to the biz I was pretty jaded. Still, even within the biz I have seen some crazy and interesting ass shit.

    PS. Let's not forget how much older I am than you, sir. So of COURSE I'll have seen more shit than you!

  3. you're older than me? YAY! I'll take that... =)

    *zips mouth, locks & throws away key*

  4. @Teef: *raises People's Eyebrow at you*

  5. I've seen trannies that have scared the SHIT outta me because they looked like hot girls. We used to get Brazilian ones into my store late @ night and it made me think a lot.

    You never know anymore.


  6. @Dart Adams: Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I salute you, for being man enough and certain enough of your own sexuality to tell me this. Which I never doubted you were, but its funny how weird people get about trannies, you know? Even IN the business.