Friday, May 22, 2009

My Day In Logos

So I found something I thought was cool on the internets the other day. I don't remember where I saw it but it was done by some exec in marketing/advertising, so I thought I'd do one for myself on a particular day, just to see.

I realized I buy a LOT more shit at Trader Joe's than I thought. Almost all of my food (the farmer's market doesn't have a logo) and some of my "beauty products" as well. I found that interesting.

That prolly stays the same on most days except on some days there would also be a Sony and a Microsoft logo at the bottom during my gaming time.

And I guess to add in the random Marvel or DC logo on the way bottom before bed.


  1. I see you have that Johnson & Johnson's, for when you clap baby powder in the air! lol

  2. @Teef: LOL @ your LeBron reference. But I also need the baby powder when bitches be trippin, YA HEARD

  3. btw, I bought some LeBrons, just because...all-white lowtops, perforated leather, 30% off, can't go wrong with 'em! They looked better than the Kobes =)

  4. Is it lame that I REALLY was all touched when I read that? Wow, I'm retarded.