Monday, May 11, 2009

Case of the Mondays: OMGWTFPORN?!!!11!

So a while back I was looking through some photos and came across this scene of Priya Rai.

(On a sidenote, I've noticed that the business can certainly in some cases be a good thing for a girl's looks. Most girls don't know how to present themselves but that's one thing you learn FAST in porn.)

Anyway. So she's in this scene, and I'm going through noticing that she's quite a flexible girl. I inwardly gave her props and clapped when I saw this picture:

But then I saw this picture where she was looking at the camera and realized that she had not figured out how to make face yet. *sigh* The "OMG A PENIS NO WAI" face is NOT a good look.

For anyone interested, check my old post here for what I consider good "face" with pics of girls I've worked with.


  1. that's why i delete my homevideos after a while. my face just isnt right. =)

  2. @Rowdy: Sir, I suggest you invest in some Final Cut Pro. Then NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ITS YOU!

  3. that would be best. and maybe a different actress. hahaha.

    my internet anonymity is shot i think...