Friday, May 29, 2009

Iono & I Dun Care - Re-up from 12/06

Despite the fact that for the first time, we have a President of the United States of color, and despite the fact that in this last election people actually voted, even those that had not voted before, there seem to be SO MANY people who just wallow around in their ignorance and apathy. The dissenting neoconservative voices trying to bring all of us down and keep us thinking on an animalistic level are louder than ever. Now is not just the time for hope, but also a time for awareness. Its also a time for VIGILANCE. Those of us who consider ourselves liberal thinkers, and I emphasize the word THINKERS, know that we have not won the war. We've won A battle but more battles still lie ahead.

For the one person (Stormy!) that has read this before, I did a little editing to it but it remains essentially the same.

But first. WARNING: tl;dr ahead!

So here's a question someone asked me recently that I answered in depth:

Why do people hate thinking? Is it because as a society, we teach people that learning and paying attention is a chore? Is it because we're spoiled? Both? Some other reason? Is this necessarily a bad thing?

Here's my answer:

I am of the opinion that these days, we've become so inundated with mass media and its messages that people no longer like to "live" life, they want to "watch" it. Life is a spectacle. This is why so many people love reality shows, because it's supposed to be "real". But the truth of the matter is, your Average Joe LCD is going to want to watch things he can TALK about, (ohmigosh Desperate Housewives!) rather than THINK about, much like a congregation of some sort of dim witted bird - chickens and pigeons. The LCD these days wants their life to be more than the mundane, tedious wretched form of life that they live now.

Learning and paying attention? Forget about it. The overabundance of ADD in children these days is absolutely astounding. As much as I like to watch my two television shows, I have to admit that it's an oversaturation of television and movies today that creates ADD. Kids expect life to move as quickly as it does on TV or in the movies they watch, because that's all they know and are surrounded with all the time. Parents plunk their kids in front of the television to shut them up, and it does...for the rest of their lives, probably. And you know what else? ADD in children, for the most part, is NORMAL in children. When I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, I took a lot of Early Childhood Education classes, and I learned that for most young children, (oh, say between the ages of 4-10) their attention span for the most part is about 15 minutes. So, when I taught martial arts in my father's studio, I taught the children's classes and changed activities every 15 minutes, and it worked. No kids running around and screaming because they were bored. But kids these days are so overexposed to multimedia that they don't have to think, all they have to do is absorb.

And speaking of thinking, people are NOT encouraged to think these days. Sitcoms and reality shows like "American Idol" are so popular because they don't require much thought or attention. The sheep out there can just sit in front of their televisions after their 9-5 job that they hate, with their mouths open and just absorb everything. Do people read these days? No way. Most people constantly make fun of me for reading as voraciously as I do. For some reason, people that read books are almost snubbed in our society. Most people that do read these days even snub me for not wanting a Kindle. I love reading, and I love reading actual BOOKS. I like the feel of a new book, turning pages by hand, and being able to read it whenever I want and not having to worry about low battery or technical failures.

I think all of these things are awful. How fucking pathetic is it, that more people voted in the American Idol polls than ever made it to the fucking voter booths when it was time to pick our Fearless Leader in the previous elections? People are numb and apathetic to almost everything these days. All they want to do is sit back and watch life pass them by, or some sort of televised approximation of life. (I'm looking at you, reality shows.) After all, who is it that controls all the media conglomerates? Pretty much the conservative right. Rupert Murdoch, Michael Eisner (up until late '05 when he was replaced by a known liberal) and AOL Time Warner's current president had affiliations with Bush's administration.

People need to really LIVE life, actually take a willing and active part in their own life. But will it happen? I doubt it. Most people could care less about what's going on in today's world. There have been genocides of millions of people in recent history, in the last 10-15 years that people could care less about, in Rwanda, of the Bosnians, and in Sudan right now. But do we care? Of course not. It's not happening to US, right?

The questions to ask yourselves in the end is this: How many of you have thought about these things? How many of you have done anything about it? And I don't mean trying to take on the world. I mean in your everyday lives. Don't parrot the thoughts and beliefs of others. Find out what's going on in the world. Educate yourselves. If you have children, do THEM the service of thinking and passing along the propensity for original thought onto them. Encourage them in questioning everything. Don't get mad when they ask "why?". Probably one of the most tragic things that happen to us when we become "mature adults" is that we cease to ask questions. Our curiosity has been eliminated. Your minds are occupied, but they can be reactivated. Do yourselves a favor and THINK.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Geek Test!

Those of you that know me have a pretty good idea that I call myself a geek and am proud of it. So a while back, maybe about 3 years ago, I took this SRS test online, it was like over a 100 questions or some shit, on how big of a geek I was, because I honestly wanted to know. (I was going to add here that I was bored, but let's be honest, I wasn't bored, I just really wanted to know and see how "legit" this test was.)

Back then I was still kinda coming into my geekhood and realizing that I was a geek and sort of proud of it, but sort of not. Any of you that call yourselves geeks in some way or have been called geeks know the dichotomy of geekhood. Awesome and terrible all at once. ANYWAY. I digress. Bottom line is, I took the test back then and was just barely considered a "major geek". However, I took the the test just now, waiting for manz to finish his job hunting for the week, and found...



In related news, how sad is it that: #1, I wished I had rated higher on the geek scale, and #2, I rated higher than manz (yes, I made him take it) and he works in IT.

If you're interested in taking the test yourself (if you do, I demand to know your results) go here.

PS. It occurred to me after I posted this the first time that had I actually been true to my Asian self and been good at math and science I would have been a bigger geek. Oh well.

Monday, May 25, 2009


So I saw this CY&H the other day:

I thought it was hilarious but it reminded me of two things. One, this cover that I worked on with a boxcover artist friend of mine:

Like honestly, this box wasn't photoshopped too much, and I know because I was picking the original pictures. I know exactly what tools he used and what he did to it, and this tranny is the cover girl for precisely the reason that HE looked SO MUCH like a SHE. She's got better hair, skin, nails and legs than I do. Christ.

The second thing the comic reminded me of was something I witnessed and then something bad that I did afterwards. I was at the AVN show several years ago. The booth of the company I was working for happened to be right next to the Sineplex booth. Sineplex had Vanity signing for them. Now, I don't know what Vanity did to get him/herself to look how she does, but whatever it is, its phenomenal. Vanity is gorgeous. All the telltales of a tranny aren't even there. Anyway, so this hardcore redneck and his buddy were at the booth, coming on to Vanity. She plays along, and starts flirting with one of the rednecks while his buddy is filming it. She starts making out with him, he starts feeling her up, she's grinding on him, the whole 9. I'm watching this all happen, wondering when either of the dudes is gonna notice that Vanity's right nut was hanging out of the bottom of her G string. Finally they both walk away from the booth giggling and blushing. As they walk by, I decide to say: "Hey, that pornstar you were just making out with? THAT'S A GUY!" and I point to the poster hanging up at the booth promoting the line "Trans X". They stop, the one that had been making out with Vanity flips out in denial, finally my co-workers at the booth (who had been dying the whole time) say, "Dude, check out the video, you can see her right nut hanging out the whole time "she" was grinding on you". About 30 seconds later the one who had been doing the making out with Vanity ran off to the bathroom looking green.

Man, that was awesome.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Day In Logos

So I found something I thought was cool on the internets the other day. I don't remember where I saw it but it was done by some exec in marketing/advertising, so I thought I'd do one for myself on a particular day, just to see.

I realized I buy a LOT more shit at Trader Joe's than I thought. Almost all of my food (the farmer's market doesn't have a logo) and some of my "beauty products" as well. I found that interesting.

That prolly stays the same on most days except on some days there would also be a Sony and a Microsoft logo at the bottom during my gaming time.

And I guess to add in the random Marvel or DC logo on the way bottom before bed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st Come, 1st Served: Re-up From 12/06

So this is my first re-up from the beginning of my blog, back when I wrote more thought provoking shit when only like 3 people knew it existed. Apparently now 12 of you do, so I thought it'd be good to bring some of my old posts back to give ya'll some food for thought.

For those of you with short attention spans (like myself) I give you the following warning. This very well could be:

One thing that just kills me is when people tell me that racism no longer exists in this country. Wow, seriously? I'm sorry, but it does. Admittedly not in the way it used to, but let me quote Kanye:

"Racism still alive, they just be concealin it. But I know they don't want me in the damn club, they even make me show id to get inside of Sam's Club" - Kanye West "Never Let Me Down"

Honestly one thing that really sucks about living in a big city is the fact that everyone wants to be so damned politically correct. Sure, no one's your FACE, but they sure will call me a gook or chink bitch behind my back. Sometimes I'd much rather have someone tell me how they really feel than be fake to my face and ultimately talk shit about me behind my back. And yes, that movie Crash? Call it melodrama, call it overly sentimental...but it damned sure WAS realistic in the portrayals of racism in LA.

So. Here's what I have to say on racism and affirmative action:

I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but there are no longer any affirmative action policies allowed anywhere, in any institution in California, for about a decade now. There were so many complaints about reverse racism when affirmative action was legal that California passed Proposition 209 in 1996 making affirmative action, or showing preferencce in any form illegal.

I do firmly believe in meritocracy, however, because of the pervasiveness of racism/sexism/heterosexism/classism all throughout our country, (despite beliefs that racism no longer exists, interestingly) there would never be any such thing as a complete and total meritocracy. It's the human condition to want to "be better", and to complain about what's not "fair". We all did it in elementary school whenever an adult shows favor to someone else. "It's not FAIR!" you scream. "Why does HE get that, and *I* don't? I'm better!" You've always got to be better than someone else, because who wants to be that person that everyone is better than, right?

I don't think there were ever any actual findings on a job or entrance to an institution given to a minority rather than a white person. Interestingly enough, when there were studies done on affirmative action, 70% of the people that benefitted from it were white women. Not blacks, not Latinos, not Asians, but white women. After all, affirmative action was created to help marginalized people, NOT JUST minorities.

Affirmative action to me, is like Communism. Good idea in theory, but difficult to execute properly. It would require much bigger HR departments than exist now in any company, and diversity training would have to be mandatory in every corporation. That MIGHT be a start, but there would always have to be people making sure that no one was discriminated against and that people that are in charge of hiring would look at people's resumes objectively. Perhaps something that could be done is that when a job opening occurs at a company, all resumes could have the names deleted from them, and assigned a #. It's a little impersonal, but perhaps that way whoever was screening the resumes would only screen for skills and ability. Same with college applications. I did something like that myself when I worked in HR at Warner Elektra Atlantic.

As far as being racist, of course we all are to a certain extent. However, I think I can safely say that I hate everyone equally. There are shitty people of every kind, whether your're basing your criticism on race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. I think I CAN say with a clean conscience is that all of my "racist" tendencies are because of direct association with whatever group. I base all of my feelings on personal experience. If I've never experienced some negative quality in someone of a certain group, then I don't automatically label them even though other people might. *shrugs*

What it all boils down to, for me, is that people suck. Most people these days don't give a fuck about you, all they care about is themselves. Whenever I try and help people that are my friends, other people ask me why as if I'm crazy. "Why help them? Who cares? What did they ever do for you?" Perhaps it's because I'm from a collectivistic culture, I don't know. What I DO know is that more and more I wonder if I ever even want to have children. I don't really think I want to bring a child into this world when there's so much shittiness in it. Yes, there's some good, but there's a whole lotta bad out there. I'm sorry if I sound cynical and jaded, but...hey. It all comes from my own life experiences. I can only speak for myself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

<3 Geek Art

Yes, yes, sure its all fashionable to be a sci-fi geek these days what with the reboot of Star Trek and the surge in Star Wars love all over the internets. However, I been a sci-fi geek since the age of 12, and I've always loved action figures, so this was just cool to me:

Its currently my desktop.

Also, geek art + current events = win:

(But fuck that Piglet, I never liked him, he doesn't need to be cured! Except as ham, that is.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Soooo uncommon. A brain and a nice rack? Well, wait. I guess that just depends on what you consider a "brain" per se. Or...what you consider a nice rack. Bigger isn't necessarily better...although...


While we consider that, let's mull over a pic of Naomi in her glory days:

My "Cleaner"

Wow. Those crazy, crazy Chinese folks. I like a few things about this advertisement:

You can use it:

-When stinks (LMAO)

And that this is billed there at the bottom as Household Products.

When will women understand that fancy shit like this, or douches, DO NOT WORK and are actually harmful for you? All you need is soap and water down there and you're good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st Documented Case of Swine Flu


Well, *I* thought it was funny! Perhaps its the Tamiflu I've been taking...

In related news, a graph:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Death Star vs. Enterprise

I don't know if I agree with the outcome, but it's fucking cool that this was done by just fan of the franchises.

Nerdgasms Inc For MGS Fans

Courtesy of Miss Shivvy:

I must admit that although I am a fan of the franchise, that I am ashamed to admit that I was not prepared for the Easter Egg surprise there at the end. I think if I had been more of a serious fan I would have had a nerdgasm, and as Shivvy said herself, if she possessed a pen0r she would have been sportin' some srs wood.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stomach Flu And Grand Theft Auto

How do stomach flu and GTA go together? They don't. However this week I've been dying from the stomach flu. (And by the way, screw you guys for not coming to kill me and put me out of my misery. If you were real friends you'd kill me out of mercy) I'm at about 65-70% now but still not feeling too great.

In other news, I was lying around being a total nerd while sick and trying to come up with ways to make my MacBookPro faster because it's seemed sluggish lately so I DL'ed a few things. While cleaning up my HD I found a few things I'll most likely be re-posting (some of them are VERY old posts from the beginning of this blog. Like 3 years ago.) or else posting for the first time, like today's post.

In my last semester of undergrad about 2.5 years ago, I was told in my Rhetorical Theory class to write an ideological criticism paper and then present it to the class. I decided to write it about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Yes, I really did. I chose it because I was playing it at the time, and also because I didn't feel like writing about anything else. For your information this last semester of mine in grad school I also wrote about Tetris. So there.

Anyway, here's my paper. For those of you that think I'm slamming violent video games, THINK AGAIN. (And l2reading comprehension while you're at it, noob)

PS. I also wrote this in an hour. LOL. Yes, I'm a procrastinator.

GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the most hotly anticipated video games late last year by ardent gamers everywhere. The fifth release in the franchise, it was so anticipated because fans of the game had been waiting two years for its release, since the previous release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. What with the nature of technology, it was assumed and predicted that San Andreas would prove to be a far better game and provide more fun and better game play than it’s predecessors. Thus far it has been far from a disappointment, and overall it seems that fans of the franchise heartily approve of the game.

All of the games in the franchise have been distinguished by the brutality and violence in the game, the ruthlessness of the characters, and by the amount of gratuitous violence and bloodshed in the game. This game is certainly no exception. The game’s plot is set in 1992, in the ghettos of Los Santos, a copy of Los Angeles. The temporal setting seems to be perfect for the theme, since that was a time of extreme racial tension and distrust of the police in the Los Angeles area. The plot of the game is very similar to the movies of John Singleton and Spike Lee in this time period – about the difficulties of living in the hood.

I believe that the exigence of the artifact is society’s obsession with consumerism and capitalism, and it is my intention to utilize ideological criticism to reveal the latent ideologies in the artifact. The rhetorical functions of the artifact are numerous. The game illustrates many ideologies that are evident and manifest, just by looking at an advertisement or a screenshot of the game. The first of these would be racism, which exists both between the police officers in the game and between the different minorities in the game. The next would be classism, which is displayed by the different characters in the game, and even by the creators of the game in displaying the lower class as criminals. Sexism is rampant in this game for both men and women. All the men are defined as being masculine if they can do these three things: kill or physically hurt someone, have sex with a prostitute, or work out maniacally at the gym. As must be completely obvious, the game also shows society’s anesthetization of the horror of physical violence. The latent ideologies are consumerism and capitalism, which are pervasive all throughout the game, in subtle ways that the player won’t really think deeply about, which is what makes them dangerously insidious.

This artifact is extremely significant because of the game’s huge fan base, the popularity of the franchise is extreme, and millions of children, teenagers, and plenty of grown men have played all the games in the franchise and are faithful followers of the entire franchise. It appears that this game is the most popular in the series thus far. It is representative of other facts because of the other Grand Theft Auto games, and there have been many copycat style games since the first GTA was released.

In conclusion, although the ideologies of capitalism and consumerism were not manifest in the artifact, with careful analysis and thought, these latent ideologies surfaced, often in surprising ways. I have played all of the games in this franchise myself, and although this game is very similar in almost all its aspects to the other games in the series, it was also the first time that the character was “customizable” in terms of clothing, jewelry and other accoutrements. Not surprisingly, this aspect of the game was one of the most anticipated aspects. So many people I know that were eagerly waiting for the game would say things like, “Ooh, you can buy clothes and shoes, and jewelry just like in real life!” Just the fact that the players of the game would get excited about being able to BUY things other than the usual (weapons/guns or ammunition) says a lot about the exigence of the artifact.

Now is the time in our society when consumerism seems to be at an all time high, which leads to the question of whether or not the artifact was appropriate. It certainly seems to be an appropriate artifact for the time. It was well received by its fans, and did not seem to make an impression on the conservatives and the media, as the first Grand heft Auto did. The game also addresses issues and situations that are still a problem in our society (not just in 1992, the time period in which the game was set), by which I mean the surface ideologies explained earlier.

As to whether or not the artifact is effective, I can say with certainty that it was effective in reaching its audience and having a widespread impact on its demographic. Although the game was released about 7 months ago, it still remains one of the top games played by the demographic. In regards to whether or not the game is rhetorically effective and appropriate, I have to say that I think that if someone wanted to send a message about today’s society, they could certainly choose a better vehicle for their message than a video game. Although many critics have speculated that the ultra extreme violence in the game is satirical and ironic in nature, it seems to me that the message seems to be a bit lost in this particular medium.

After beginning this criticism, I was examining other games in the genre and realized that they too had many of the same ideologies contained within them. An extremely popular game called “Def Jam Vendetta” that was released after this game was brought the ideology of consumerism much closer to the surface than this game did, and that particular artifact I think would also benefit from an ideological criticism, as well as many other games of this nature. I would like to believe that this sort of criticism contributes to rhetorical theory in general because it always seems to be that when video games are analyzed or criticized, it always seems to be done by someone who has no knowledge of the game and does not desire to, and instead makes assumptions about it and about anyone who enjoys it or has ever played it. I also believe that society in general would benefit from more ideological criticisms of video games because it would bring to light all of the latent attitudes and beliefs that these artifacts are trying to induce. People could become more aware of when they’re trying to be persuaded to think a certain way. And while critics and fans of the game have talked about its morals and values, they nonetheless seem to have a tendency to focus on the surface ideologies manifest in the game, but are so much a part of consumer culture, that they do not recognize the latent ideologies of consumerism and capitalism that can be found in it as well, in equal amounts as the other ideologies, although they are less obvious. And as much as everyone rants and raves about the racism, sexism, and violence, perpetuated in it for today’s youth to see, it is certainly seems important to take a serious focused look at all the things that you don’t see.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Case of the Mondays: OMGWTFPORN?!!!11!

So a while back I was looking through some photos and came across this scene of Priya Rai.

(On a sidenote, I've noticed that the business can certainly in some cases be a good thing for a girl's looks. Most girls don't know how to present themselves but that's one thing you learn FAST in porn.)

Anyway. So she's in this scene, and I'm going through noticing that she's quite a flexible girl. I inwardly gave her props and clapped when I saw this picture:

But then I saw this picture where she was looking at the camera and realized that she had not figured out how to make face yet. *sigh* The "OMG A PENIS NO WAI" face is NOT a good look.

For anyone interested, check my old post here for what I consider good "face" with pics of girls I've worked with.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bitches Be Trippin'

Anyone whose known me for the last couple years I think is well aware that this is my favorite description of my feelings on women. Today it's even more so, thanks to a stupid fucking cunt (yes I used the C word, but she deserves it) I read about this morning. The Chicago Sun Times had an articlethis morning about a woman who KILLED another woman because she was DOING HER NAILS while driving.

This bitch was doing her nails, didn't notice the light was RED, and then rammed into the other woman who was on a motorcycle, which threw the victim 200 feet, and the woman died of multiple injuries later. Can you believe that she's only been charged with "failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident" so far? THROW THAT BITCH IN JAIL NOW. She's a menace. Furthermore she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, ie vehicular manslaughter.

And as must be obvious at this point by these pictures, I think she should also be BEAT beforehand.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Medieval Empires: The NOT SEXY Edition

Before I begin I would like to reiterate that these are real pictures of real people that I found on Facebook while playing Medieval Empires. It's kinda like Risk. Its amazing how many people really think that their stupid camwhore type pics are actually SEXY, and the best part is, you can totally tell they think so by the look on their faces.

Exhibit A: Artsy Camwhore Fail

Okay, first of all, this chick MIGHT possibly be cute. She is, however, most definitely RETARDED. I hope she has a ninehead and is self conscious of that shit because there's no reason for her to be covering her forehead like that. Additionally, who told her it was a good idea to pose like that? There are plenty of other poses you can use if you wanna be artsy and show the camera in the picture. This is definitely not it. Also, it looks like she has a kind of decent camera, but I think she needs to invest in Photoshop or bootleg it somehow because this picture overall looks terrible. Why hasn't one of her friends said something by now?

Exhibit B: Regla Camwhore Fail

I blame myspace for bringing about these travesties of camwhore poses that every bitch seems to use these days. I guess it works good for her because it shows her tits. But why is she in her laundry room? And also, why didn't she fix her hair or put some makeup on? Not a good look for her in the least. Do these females need lessons on how to take pictures? Christ.

Exhibit C: Douchecanoe #1

Wow. Where do I even start with this guy? I mean...the HUGE glasses, the played out hairstyle, the tight jeans, the big buckle, the GOD DAMNED POSE...?! This is one of those guys that is in denial about the fact that he's actually gay. I mean, what straight man takes pictures like this? And why? (If he's gay and trolling for some action then it's all right.)

Exhibit D: Douchecanoe #2

Okay so, I'd like to say at this time, that dudes should never ever ever pose in wife beaters. ESPECIALLY not if you're a skinny mofo like this dude. And what's with the glasses again? And the busy looking shirt like them Versace shits that everyone at Bad Boy wore in the 90s?

Exhibit E: Trapped In the Closet

I REALLY hope that's a woman in the middle. Because let me tell you, I'm a chick and I do not get that close to people to take pictures, no matter who they are. The only way this picture is remotely okay is if all these people are directly related to each other, which I sincerely doubt. I think they're all "bros".

Exhibit F: Uh....

Um. Um. This is probably the worse male "glamour shot" I've ever seen. The look on his face is just...there are no words. Really. I could speculate on what else was happening in the picture that got cut off, but do we really even want to think about that?

Exhibit G: Sexytime?

This "come on, you know you want it" face should only be shown to a sexual partner, and NEVER EVER EVER EVER shown to the public. Nobody wants to see this, dude, trust me.

Exhibit H: ...

*pukes* *shudders* *pukes again*

Let's all go watch some porn or stare at hot chicks now before we're emotionally scarred FOREVER.