Thursday, April 2, 2009

Win Win

So yesterday, one of my friends who's a director sends me an email, entitled: This Is Win Win. Now, being that it was April Fool's, I wasn't sure if I should open it up, considering that he's also the friend who sends me weird, disgusting, disturbing shit. I don't know what he browses on the interwebs, but I'll say this: no matter how weird, disgusting, or disturbing, it's usually interesting in some way. Well, except for the one time he sent me video of an elephant man guy with these HUGE DISTENDED BALLS. *shudder* That was just sick.

Anyway, he texts me and tells me to just open the email, so I did. And this is what was enclosed:

This IS win win.


  1. who new i culd type w/ 1 hnd?

    This pic is definitely win win.

  2. This really looks like something from a Brothers Grimm book or something.

  3. azn girls had asses that fat way back then? who knew, lol

    what does QFT stand for?

  4. @shehateme: Indeed to both.

    @Pago: Yay, you came back! It really does look like some older art from that time period. I don't know if it was specifically done in that style, or if it really is art from that time period.

    @Teef:QFT = Quoted For Truth. You know what's funny is, I thought they were Asian too, and then had to look again, and thought they weren't. Now I'm not sure.

  5. I actually stopped giving people my e-mail address after I got an e-mail with a picture of larva growing out of this woman's titty. That shit, I gave up on letting people send me shit.

  6. @E-Rich: You know what's terrible, is the day after I got this picture, I got a gif of two dogs humping and then the male dog throwing up when he was done. SMH