Thursday, April 30, 2009

Engrish IZ HRD

So, because I'm a bitch and because I like making fun of my people, (although as a sidenote, who doesn't love making fun of your own people) I present this HORRIBLE video of a Korean dude singing Mariah Carey. I'll be honest. I only got 2 minutes in, myself.


  1. If you only got to 2 minutes in, then you missed out of the best part of the video 2:52 on.

    He tried to mimic Mariah. Not just vocally.


  2. "Rape me in my thighs"

    "I want you to caress me like a tropical priest"

    facepalm desu ka

  3. @shehateme: I finished watching. I...I...OH GOD! *falls over*

    @E-Rich: In-fucking-deed.

  4. you should have told me to put you in my will

    cuz I just DIED

  5. @Teef: I died twice since I watched it twice. My friend who suggested I check it out (since I'm both Korean and like karaoke) was dying last night again just thinking about him singing about asbestos. SMH