Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ass Makes Everything Better...?

So in my online travails this week so far, I came across a boxcover for a company I used to have to work with. (FYI, I hate this company. I hate the owner, he's the biggest fucking douchebag on the planet and I hope he does in a fire.) They've come out with the most wrong, racist, stupid, lame titles for their movies, but I'm torn as to whether or not this one is a good one or not.

They're filling a REALLY small niche out there. For those of you who are into MILFs and like having your salad tossed by one, this is the title for you, I guess. I was faintly disturbed by the bottle of salad dressing in the picture though. I mean, man ass + salad dressing can't be good.

I guess they made up for it because another release from the same month was this title:

PS. I will personally kick the ass of anyone trying to say this girl is fat, especially if your reasoning is that her back skin is folded. ANYONE in that position will have their skin fold. It's inevitable. And yes, I've heard men bitch about things like that. C'mon people, it's NATURAL.

PPS. This company's box covers are pretty good but their movies are terrible and look like they were filmed on someone's camera phone. So, if you feel like DLing some of their ish, it'd make me really happy if you did it illegally.

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  1. Her butt isn't even that bi-Wait. Luscious Lopez is in it. . .

    I'm personally into MILFs, but I'm anti-man-getting-his-butthole-licked.