Friday, March 13, 2009

Scary Shit

Little known fact about me, that you all can use against me, since I'm putting it out there:

My older sister locked me in the bathroom several times when I was really little after screaming "BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY" at the top of her lungs. Of course this was after telling me the Bloody Mary story. So I freaked the fuck out. And for years and years and years before I went into a bathroom in the middle of the night I'd reach my hand in and turn the light on before I even walked in. As a habit in the middle of the night, if I'm half asleep I'll still do that out of reflex.

When I saw this shit on the interwebs this morning I was like, *facepalm* I should have thought about this ages ago. I'm dumb.


  1. your story is hilarious...I am an older sibling who would torment my younger brother and sister when we were younger...but I would NEVER have thought to do anything to them, what I was so deathly afraid of to do myself! Man, to this day I'm still a *little* shook at the thought of trying it now, and see no reason to do so

  2. Teef, does this mean that you were afraid of the Bloody Mary thing, too? I DON'T FEEL SO BAD! I seriously thought everyone else thought it was horseshit so I was embarrassed.