Thursday, March 19, 2009

Questionable Gender Azns

Soo this week is full of stuff Shivvy sent me from teh interwebs. She and I had a convo about these photos, because the site they came from has "Gay for Hello Kitty" in the address for it. So initially we thought, wow, her bow in the first picture is terribad. Like from the 80s, but still horrible. You know she has some shit in her hair in the second picture (prolly another bow) but at least she looks a little more presentable. I love how she Photoshopped her face to have be blown out or have a glow around it. Probably to hide bad skin, multiple moles with hair growing out of them, or something else.

But see, then I got to wondering. Does "Gay For Hello Kitty" mean GAY as in HAPPY? Or does it mean gay as in homosexual? And if it's the latter, then it doesn't make sense that she's a lesbian. Which ONLY MEANS: DUN DUN DUNNNNN...I THINK THAT'S A GUY! Or...a tranny! I'm kinda sorta scared now! Because not knowing which he/she/it is, is scaring me.

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