Monday, March 30, 2009

Money Talks & Bullshit Walks

I came across this picture last week at work. I will never look at Homer the same again.


  1. Add this one to the "women degrade themselves" argument.

  2. @Malcolm: No sir, just airbrushing.

    @E-Rich: You should see it in context. It's from a site called Money Talks, and it's like the Jackass of porn. They got Kimbo Slice in there, punching people in the stomach, etc. This was one of the "dares".

  3. Homer do you kiss your wife with that mouth?

    I keed. I keed.

  4. @Pago: LMAO! Hilarious. You need to comment more often, sir.

  5. jeezus christ...LOL...

    THAT, ma'am, is a very good reason to make this adults only! You came through and didn't disappoint!

    I am SO using that as an avatar...or maybe a Facebook profile pic, lol