Thursday, March 5, 2009

Medieval Empires Part 1: The Silly Asian Edition

So I started playing a new game on Facebook, and the best thing about it is that all the people you "skirmish" with, you can see their profile pic. Which gives me plenty of fodder for shit talking. This edition is about my fellow silly ass Asians perpetuating stereotypes. Asian activists get pissed off all the time that Hollywood only casts Asian men in submissive, soft, feminine roles, which is true. But stereotypes exist for a reason.

This guy's hair is like the emo music genre, and all anime characters are duking it out on his head and no one's won yet.

This guy's hair confuses me too. Like, what's with the framing of his face with the spikes? I should have sent his picture into the makers of Dragonball. He'd make a better Goku than the current white boy they have in the role.

This guy just makes me kind of want to cry. Like...his glasses are WHITE. His pose is retarded. He looks like he needs the taste slapped out of his mouth or else to be kicked in his nonexistent balls.

Oh man. I could talk shit about this guy for DAYS. And I mean all day long for days in a row. His hair. His necklace. His tattoo. (You know that tattoo doesn't go all the way around his arm. Only the hardcore can take the pain of a tattoo on the underside of their arms.) AND THE SHORTS. OH GOD, THE SHORTS! THE HUMANITY!

To make it all better, here's a picture of a penguin representing the revolution. It doesn't have to make sense.


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  2. @anime hair guy: OK I like anime. But Anime hair should only be applied if you are cosplaying. For daily use, it really looks stupid.

    At conventions, it still look stupid but the context makes it cool. ;x