Monday, March 30, 2009

Exxxtra, Exxxtra, Read All About It!

Okay, so I did it. Thank you to: Dart, Marcus, Quintin, E. Brock, Teef, and TC from TSS for your input.

Just a note if you didn't see my tweets about it before. On occasion (okay, a few times a week) I come across stuff that I just HAVE to share with people, because it's just that great/hilarious/weird/interesting but it's of an "adult" nature. I've wanted to put stuff on my blog, but because this was feeding to my FB, I didn't. Most of the soon to be in laws are my friends on FB so I didn't want to put it all out there like that. However, this is a little bit more of a private venue now (CHAMPAGNE ROOOOOM!) so now I can feel more comfortable doing so.

One thing though, the blog will remain the same for the most part, excepting that once a week or so there'll be something with adult content.

That is all.

Internets prevails!