Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chick Gamer Fail Part Deux: Them Crazy Azn Chicks

Miss Shivvy sent me this to follow up with the video I posted. I heart demotivators. LONG TAIMZ.


  1. So sad. Me and my girlfriend had an argument over her being a gamer being that she doesn't actually play games, she just likes to watch me and her brother play them. I labeled her as "a girl who loves video games" and her feelings were hurt. She's good at Guitar Hero though, but that's about it. And Tekken if she catches me on a terrible shitty day.

  2. Yeah, see, girls like your girlfriend are cool 'cause they don't mind watching, which is nice, but not really the definition of "gamer". I swear Rockband and Guitar Hero have brought girls into the fold because those games aren't as geeky RPGs or as hard as FPSs. To each his own, I guess.

    I will say though, as much as I love to play (these days I hit up my computer games more than console, which is sad considering I've got a PS3 and a 360) I also do like to watch when my inferior reaction times/spatial relations (due to the fact that I'm female) cause me to fail when manz does better. *sigh*