Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yes, He Did!

I saw this shit on Newsweek's site this morning and LMAO'ed.

Yes, yes, for anyone who cares, I am planning on getting my shit together with some serious posts here. This weekend has been draining trying to get the rest of the shit we need for the new apartment, (God DAMN I hate shopping!) and then trying to catch up on all the shit I need to do at home. Groceries, laundry, and oh work. Fuck. Why don't they tell you how hard graduate school is beforehand so you can think twice about it?

But still, this blog is like my brain, because it's like that fucking Faulkner's stream of consciousness. It's a big clusterfuck of all the shit I see and think about on a daily basis, and when the brain is a little braindead from too much work/school, then more of my brain is taken up with lulz. What can I say?

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