Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ain't No Future In Your Frontin' (c) MC Breed

I think this will be my last little segment on the Owned application, because I found a much better app to steal pictures from. This new app has people's profile pics. Some of them I cant believe are functioning members of society. It's gonna be awesome. Anyway, I found these a while back, thankfully this is the last of my backlog.

I don't know what the deal is, but seems like all kinds of people these days are trying to front like they're all tough. It's like Black Sheep's "U Mean I'm Not", all these people these days, are dreaming that they're hard.

1. Celtic Love
I immediately thought of Dart Adams when I saw this guy's jersey. Check this retard out. This is the text I found below his picture, I shit you not:
"Shaun 22, Chilling on the West-Coast, the best place to be. Im Living the D.R.E.A.M. Hit me up! HOLLA."

Um, wow dude. Just, wow. Who do you think you're fooling with your stonewashed jeans, fake ass Payless Timbs, and borderline mullet? Are you for real?

2. Peace sign: You're doing it wrong.
This guy isn't even throwing up the peace sign in a credible way whatsoever, and he looks awkward. Not to mention he looks like he should be turning his hand the other way all Asian tourist style. Or like Chun Li. Then he could jump up and down and giggle. Or not.

3. I Need A Gangsta Bitch (c) Apache
You're ALSO doing it wrong, you stupid bitch. Look at you, pretending you're "gangsta" because you have one black friend. You're not gangsta, you look like you're trying to cheat at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

4. Sexy FAIL
This bitch thinks that if she makes the fish face and puckers up she'll look hot. Not so much in your messy bathroom, girlfriend. I don't understand why SO MANY girls think puckering up or posing with their mouth open will look hot. Learn to practice in the mirror.

5. Yes, homo!
This dude totally thinks he's like OMGWTFBBQ awesome hot. The played out aviator lenses, the "artfully mussed" hair, posing with his top Dude, you DO realize you're what they call a "twink" in the gay community, right? Gay men who love young looking dudes jack off to this picture.


  1. Why you gotta be hatin'! They just tried to do the W sign, but finger coordination is haaaard.

    And the chick with the black guy, i think she just got kinda bored and was trying to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with herself....

  2. @Flovvie:

    You should know, I am ALWAYS hatin'. Not player hating, but hating in general. I suppose I ought to apologize for making fun of digitally handicapped people. And does her coming out with 2 scissors mean that she couldn't even win against herself?


    LMAO! *looks around quickly, puts ass back on*