Tuesday, December 2, 2008

People Are Stupid. That's Why I Hate Them. All of Them.

My first thought when I read this story was: What. The. Fuck. And then I thought, why is it that it's always GOOD people, honest, hardworking people that get randomly stabbed or shot? It just seems like that's always the case. Why aren't there headlines about stupid dumb fucks getting stabbed or shot? Then again, I suppose that's not as newsworthy.

Okay, so this guy, just randomly wakes up yesterday, gets on a bus with a bad metro card, and then goes to the back of the bus and the driver let him just to keep everything cool and not start any shit. But then this motherfucker had the BALLS, the sheer AUDACITY to stroll up to the front of the bus, and ask for a transfer. Bus driver says no. Dude PUNCHES the driver in the head a few times. Okay. Stop. At this point, why the fuck did someone not intervene? In my bus traveling days, when people get on and off the bus, or approach the driver, everyone always looks to see what's going on. So someone COULD HAVE stepped up. But no one did. Hell, to take that back even more, this bus driver must have been a really nice guy because let me tell you...in LA, ain't no bus driver letting you get on without paying the FULL AMOUNT. For that matter, I've fumbled for my cash getting on the bus after I ran down the street to catch it, and I got the "BITCH I'MA CUT YOU IF YOU DON'T PAY UP RIGHT NOW" glare from many a bus driver. But, as usual, I digress.

So. Dude gets off the bus after punching bus driver in the face. Then, he turns around, gets back on, and REPEATEDLY STABS the bus driver. REPEATEDLY INTO HIS CHEST AND TORSO. Okay. Stop again. At this point, if you're on this bus, maybe you got taken by surprise by the punching to the head. Fine. Okay. But when dude gets BACK ON THE BUS, shit, even if you thought the bus driver was an asshole, doesn't self preservation kick in when you see the guy get back on? Don't you think to yourself, "Oh shit, this motherfucker is gonna kill somebody"? WHY DID NO ONE THINK TO STOP THIS MAN? Why was it that all people could do is scream and then when the dude STABS the bus driver TO DEATH (which by the way, is not a 2 second deal...it had to have taken a while to stab a man to DEATH) and then jumps off the bus? THEN people reacted and ran after him. WHAT THE FUCK! Its shit like this that makes me have no faith in humanity. Life is a spectacle, and all we can do is watch and eat popcorn.

And let's not even get too into the man who actually stabbed the bus driver. Firstly, as a black man...how are you going to bring your people down like this by being another statistic? As my girl Jessica always says, "You see what my people have come to?" Yes, exactly...this is what people have come to. Not just her people, but ANY people. I've been pissed off before. I've had bad days. Fuck, I've been REALLY pissed off before and had REALLY bad days, and those of you that know me well should know just how pissed off I can get and just how bad those days have been. But NEVER in my life have I considered ending someone's life over a bus ticket. Yes, I admit I've considered ending people's lives before. For hurting my loved ones in any way, for hurting ME deeply. (And I don't mean some emo kid bullshit ass type drama either.) I know violence isn't the answer, but hey, I'm working on it. In any case...I can't even contemplate what it would take for me to be in that sort of position...where not only do I have a complete disregard for others, but to where I don't even respect a fellow human life. Because in a sick way, (sorry, I grew up on the whole bushido/Sun Tzu mentality) at least you afford an enemy some respect by killing him for vengeance or retribution. But death for a bus transfer? No respect for human life whatsoever. I HOPE he was tweaking or something.

But to be completely honest...I'm a little more disappointed in the bus passengers than the killer. What can I say? I have issues.

And in closing...is a good man's life only worth $36,000? In this day and age where auto company CEOs fly to meetings in Washington on private jets? Fuck that. I hate everyone.

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