Monday, December 15, 2008

The Morals of Twilight?

Okay, there's been enough talk as to whether or not its appropriate for young girls. I read and own the whole series, but did so BEFORE the movie came out and before all the movie hype, thank you very much. Yes, I liked them a lot. I did think they seemed a bit on the mature side, and didn't think it was necessarily appropriate to market the series for CHILDREN, which is where I found the series in the bookstore. But to continue, yes, I read the whole series in like 2-3 days. Yes, I thought they were maybe even better than the Anne Rice vampire series, only because it was more...I don't know, modern. Did I watch the movie? No. Do I plan to? Probably not. My stepbrother and stepsister told me about the books this summer, and they know me fairly well, so when the movie was coming out, like any retarded fangirl, I got excited. Until they told me they went to see it with my stepmom, and couldn't stop talking about how awfully campy the movie was. Now, I can take campy, hell, I just watched Army of Darkness recently and loved it. But that's campy for campiness' sake, not campy-trying-to-be-serious.

Anyway, so, yeah, people have been discussing the appropriateness of the series etc, etc etc. The only thing that I think is pretty crazy is, I was reading this article this morning, and towards the bottom, they included comments from kids as to whether or not they felt the book Twilight, the rest of the series, or the movie was appropriate for children.

What trips me the fuck out is the comments these kids made. A supposedly 10 year old girl said this: "I think [the Twilight books] are inappropriate for kids under 10 because there are a ton of kissing parts and some sexual parts, that kids under 10 would think were gross, instead of appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of the love between Bella and Edward." WHAT?? If I recall correctly, 10 years old means you should be in 5th grade or so. MAYBE 6th. But definitely still in elementary school. Since when do kids these age even know what inappropriate means, or even understand the depth of love between two characters in a book? And an 11 year old had this to say about the books: "[The series is inappropriate for younger readers] because there is some sexual content in 'Eclipse' and 'Breaking Dawn'. WHAT KID THAT AGE USES THE PHRASE 'SEXUAL CONTENT" in normal every day talk? Hell, I don't use that phrase in normal every day talk! And I'm 31!

Now either the LA Times completely made all that shit up, or else I have something to be worried about when I have kids. Which is coming up here soon in the next few years. Yikes.


  1. I have "Twilight" on my laptop and I play some of them whenever I need a laugh...mind you, these parts weren't meant to be funny.

    Seeing Edward tell Bella to climb on his back like a damn spider monkey while he jumps through trees or he gets super emo because he aches for Bella deep in his undead soul or some shit I pause it on his pained facial expression and laugh my ass off.

    I may never erase it from my hard drive (although Punisher: War Zone is incredibly hilarious for all the wrong reasons).


  2. Oh...I just found out today that when my niece's mom took her to the movies they saw "Twilight". I asked her about the movie tonight and she said she didn't know that vampires loved baseball so much. I said "Neither did I?".

    My brother wasn't amused.


  3. Here's the question. Was your brother not amused because she went to go see it? Or was he not amused that was her take on the movie?

    Yeah, I heard the same about it being unintentionally hilarious. It was MAD campy. That makes me so sad.