Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jerry Jones Is Awesome.

I never thought I'd be saying something like that, considering I've never really liked the Cowboys. Not to mention that it seems like every Cowboys fan I know is also kind of a dick. However, when I read this story on Monday, I thought to myself, "That Jerry Jones...he has a way with words." And if he didn't call T.O. an asshole, then I don't understand the English language.

I can't even recap the drama of the Cowboys, because it's just been, in my book, TM, short for TOO MUCH. T.O. is the biggest drama queen I've ever seen, male or female...and that's saying a lot, considering I live next door to West Hollywood. I often wonder what goes on in that dude's brain.

A few thoughts on the story though. Other than Jerry Jones being awesome, Tony Homo is a wee bit less lame than I thought, being man enough to play through the kinds of injuries he was playing through. Also, I like this chick Jennifer Floyd Engel. Maybe that's because she sounds like me. Heh.

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